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K9 Unit Thanks!

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I would like to thank Alderman Joe Mikolajczak, Police Sergeant Chris Blunt, and Police Chief Thomas Poellot for all the hard work and time they put into making this K9 Unit a possibility in Cudahy. 


I am sure the scumbags do not thank you, but the rest of the citizens of Cudahy and I do.  As Alderman Joe Mikolajczak likes to say, "What good are quality developments and a great park system if people are afraid to go to them"?  A K9 Unit is a tool in reducing crime in Cudahy to make those who live and work here safe.


I would also like to thank Mayor Ryan McCue for moving past the 2% uncertainty in this program and moving along with the consensus of the rest involved.  While he was 98% behind it at his State of the city address, he needed more to convince him.  I am sure if you would have asked for the hard numbers in January they would have greatly been supplied.  It is great that you felt that all things needed to be looked at and should not be fast tracked.  Again thank you for at least making this K9 Unit possible in the year 2008 and not wanting studies or sitting on it longer.


This will be a very good tool for the Cudahy police and those who thought that the K9 Unit was a toy, shame on you.  It is just too bad the Unit didn’t get the go ahead in January as it would be possible that the Unit could have been operational for the summer in the time of greatest need.


Again, I would like to thank Alderman Joe Mikolajczak, Police Sergeant Chris Blunt, Police Chief Thomas Poellot, and all the police officers of Cudahy for the hard work on the support of pushing the K9 unit in Cudahy.  Nobody can take the credit away from you in this endeavor.



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