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Updated - Reminder of Recall Meeting Today

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 Day 23 – Still No real response from the Mayor – A real leader will admit to mistakes

Reminder of Recall Meeting Today

Thursday May 29, 2008 at 7:30 PM located at 6020 Buckhorn Ave. It is behind K-Mart in the community room of a condo complex.


People of the government are duty bound.  They cannot and shall not ignore the will of the people.  For if the will of the people is ignored it will have a sudden and profound impact.  The word of the government will no longer be duty bound, thus self-interest will run amuck.  When one’s interest is placed over the will of the people by our leaders, the chain of trust is broken.


I ask this question – What was the purpose of having the open public meeting if the Mayor was going to do whatever he wanted and not listen to the will of the people?


For the peoples’ voice means nothing to the Mayor then.  Was it just to appease the people?  Was it make it look like all the motions were being gone through, even though the outcome was decided before the meeting took place?  Was this to deceive the people that their voice matters and will be heard?  


The “NO” vote on Wal-Mart was not and is not the single reason for the recall I am told.  It is about many failures of Mayor Ryan McCue in his campaign promises or pledges in his platform.  Even his failure to give reasons for the vote don’t hold water.  He was told not to talk about it in great detail, not no detail.  This just shows the communication failure to the citizens.




1. Did not end the ice port - Ice Port: It is time to end the Ice Port debacle – He had the chance to do it and didn’t!

2. Has not concentrated on keeping businesses in Cudahy.  How many businesses has Cudahy lost in compared to gained?

3. Has not made it easy and attractive for new businesses to locate in Cudahy – Ask the new businesses if he is pro-business?

4. Did not vote correctly to the land use issue, made it about Wal-Mart, at that point the name on the side of the building was not the issue at hand

5. Stated in State of the City address he is working 50-55 hours are all the time he claims verifiable?

6. Made statements of I was frustrated that the mayor scheduled numerous closed session meetings, excluding the public.  – and yet had closed meetings.

7. Made statements of Taxes and our taxes have increased: The City of Cudahy followed by the Cudahy School District both had higher tax increase than the county. The best way to lower the property tax burden is to grow the tax base though positive economic developments.  Costs to run a city continue to rise, therefore it is vital that the mayor runs an efficient operation.  2007 Tax Bill Increases


Hohenfeldt             City                      3.8% plus a new $20 garbage fee

McCue                  County                  0.4%


Did the taxes not go up?


I once heard or did I read it, a statement that fits very well in the citizen’s right to petition a recall with the intent to change the leaders of government.  It went like this:  A quote from the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence


That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness


Read the whole Declaration of Independence Here


 Iceport developers file claim of fraud

Cudahy rejected Wal-Mart for parcel



Posted: May 28, 2008


The developers of the defunct Iceport project have filed a multimillion-dollar claim against the City of Cudahy, saying the city committed fraud by rejecting a Wal-Mart Supercenter on the same parcel.


In its claim, Sportsites attorneys said they would seek at least $7.5 million in damages, and perhaps more than $20 million from the city.  Such a notice often is a precursor to a lawsuit.


The dispute centers on a parcel south of E. Layton Ave., between S. Nicholson Ave. and Sweet Applewood Lane.  It was on that site that Sportsites had proposed a development that included Iceport, a multi-rink ice center.


The Iceport project never materialized.  Last year, as part of an agreement to settle a legal dispute with the city, Sportsites agreed to sell the parcel to Continental Properties Co. to develop the site.  Under that arrangement, if Continental failed to develop the site, the city would take back the parcel.


Continental eventually proposed an $11.5 million development plan for the city, which included construction of a Wal-Mart Supercenter.  At a May 5 meeting of the city's Plan Commission, Mayor Ryan McCue cast the tie-breaking vote to reject the project.


McCue didn't initially explain his vote, but he later said he was advised by city lawyers not to discuss his decision because of ongoing litigation with Sportsites.  He did say in a letter to the Journal Sentinel that the city could do better than a big-box retailer at the site.


The Plan Commission is expected to meet June 10 to reconsider a modified version of the Wal-Mart proposal.  The deadline for the land sale is July 1.


McCue referred questions about the claim to Cudahy City Attorney Paul Eberhardy.


Eberhardy said Tuesday that he disagreed with some of the assertions in the claim.


"It's odd and a little disconcerting that this notice is filed a mere week before the matter comes back before the Plan Commission," he said.  "Frankly, it smacks of intimidation."


In the notice of claim for damages, attorneys Brad Hoeschen and Marty Greenberg contended that the city's and McCue's interference "caused Sportsites to lose the entire value of the Continental contract as well as additional damages.


"Sportsites would not have entered into the contract with Continental nor would it have entered into the stipulation for foreclosure with Cudahy if it had known that McCue had no interest in approving a Wal-Mart for the site."


Did I not tell you a lawsuit was coming?  Yes I did! 


The thought is that McCue’s personal dislike for Wal-Mart instead of looking at this with Mayor’s open eyes, that his interference "caused Sportsites to lose the entire value of the Continental contract as well as additional damages.


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