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More Childish Actions

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Here is how some Cudahy people react to the Recall of Mayor McCue and/or Support of Wal-Mart/Wave.


Sue’s yard was vandalized last night (5-28-08).  In the front yard, doughnuts were thrown all over the place.  She called the police it took them 45 minutes to get there and the officer said he was sorry twice for the delay and for the vandalized action.  He shook his head and said “How childish.”  So a report has been done with the police.


Let me get this straight people – People exercise their rights to a Recall of Mayor McCue and/or Support of Wal-Mart/Wave and those that don’t like it exercise a criminal act.  Sounds right and fair, not!


Sue has also received two emails from Mayor supporters begging her to stop the recall.  I think they may be some of the drinking friends from Club Baghdad.


See how the intimidations work.  This is how people act, to resort to terrorist’s tactics.  It started out with phone calls, moved up to emails, now vandalism.  Just how childish and desperate can people be?  What is bodily harm next?


I was told from someone from the city to be careful!  McCue is a powerful man with many friends they told me. 


What is Cudahy now the “Sopranos”?  Do I have to watch out for Vinney to put a cap in me or break my knees? 


People if something happens to Sue, Ryan or me, you are all witnesses.  I don’t think something is going to happen, but you never know.


I know the Mayor cannot control his friends or supporters if they are the ones responsible for this act of vandalism, but he should mention to them NOT to harass or intimidate anyone.  This is a criminal act and will be prosecuted accordingly.


People who oppose this – This is not the way to show your displeasure.  Just don’t sign the recall papers.  These actions to not make your case stronger, they weaken your case.

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