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Stoplights and Signs Not Optional!

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Day 26 – Still No real response from the Mayor – Outside Council?


So many places in Cudahy and the surrounding areas I see people just driving right through stoplights and signs.  These people are not even slowing down.  Now it is one thing to not be able to stop because of ice or bad weather, but these people are just not following the law.


It is a very big problem on Grange and Nicholson Ave., yes right next to Park View School.  After the crossing guard leaves, it is like the romper room is open for cars.  It is unbelievable how people can show that much disregard for the law and safety. Some of those people think because they are turning, they don’t have to stop.  That is for both turning left and right.  I truly wish the police would setup a sting operation to ticket these people.  They are down right dangerous.  The city could use the easy revenue.  But placing a police car in plain sight, just makes the people obey the law then.  However, with a hidden police ticketing the violators, now that will make them think twice. 


As far as stoplights, well you only have to spend ten minutes on Packard and Layton to see that.


I am sure it is happening all over.  Stop signs have become the new yield.  That is yield if you want.


The worst I see is in Bay View. 


As traffic turns onto the Lincoln viaduct exiting the South Carferry Drive ramp to South Lincoln Drive, those people hardly ever stop.  I even got the city of Milwaukee to put a second stop sign on the left hand side of the lane.  That has helped a little bit.  That is not even the top violator. 


As people exit the 794 south bound onto the port of Milwaukee, those people just drive on by at near freeway speeds. This is farther complicated by all of the trucks picking up salt that don’t even stop.  How can you blame them when I see many Milwaukee police cars drive through those same stop signs?  By the way, the police don’t have the lights on during these infractions.  It seems stop signs are now just a nuisance and not a way to control traffic in a safe manner.  


So, what does this all mean?  Well to me, it means some laws are just not that important to some people and even to those who are to enforce the laws.  Now of course the law, stop signs, and stoplights do matter.  Maybe they only matter to most people once they get a ticket, but they matter to me for my safety and the safety of my family.  It should matter to you, but does it?  How often do you find yourself just driving through a stop sign, maybe because you are late or not paying attention to the road since you are on the phone?


Maybe next time you will think about running the stop sign or light, since a police officer or someone with the authority to tell, the police to make this simple matter a priority, if not to raise money from tickets, but to save lives.  Maybe that is all you need to think is that there is a chance you will get caught now that some brought this to light. Please, for the safety of others, STOP!  If you want to play dangerously, run with scissors in your hand the wrong way alone.  At least then, you will only be in endangering yourself and not others. 

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