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Lawn Care Part II - Weeds - Creeping Charile

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Is there any hope in that battling Pennywort “Creeping Charlie” which is very common in Cudahy and hard to kill?


Oh, absolutely. 


I am fully confident that if you treat Creeping Charlie with the right product at the tight time, it’s gone.  I’ve heard many people tell me that.  In fall, after it’s been hit by a frost, put a product down with three particular ingredients.  If you want to know what they are, they’re Dicamba, 2,4-D, MCPP.  That is in Ortho Weed B Gone for Chickweed, Clover, and Oxalis (Will not harm lawn grasses).  If you treat it then, in fall, after it’s been hit by a good hard frost, you should not be seeing any then in spring.  And if you do, it should be minimal.  If you did not get it in the fall, then spring is the next best time to kill it.  You may have to continue to spray it during the summer.  Don’t give up you can win this battle!


Pennywort (Creeping Charlie) a “Broadleaf Weed” is a relative to the ground Ivy and can replant itself anywhere on its network of vines. 


Go to to help identify your lawn weeds.  

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