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Smoke Free Zoo

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Here is a place where I break from the Conservative view.


This is my letter to the Milwaukee County Zoo in June of 2007 about seeing if it could go smoke free and the response from them.


While visiting the Milwaukee County Zoo on two occasions this year I have noticed many people are walking around smoking in the zoo areas not designated for smoking and in enclosed exhibit areas.


Philip Morris, the nation's largest cigarette maker, believes secondhand smoke poses indoor health risks but smoking should be permitted outside, says spokesman Bill Phelps. He says the only exception should be areas intended for kids.


I do believe that most adults could conduct themselves in manors that a proper for smoking in the designated areas, but a few don’t.  Therefore smoking should be banned in all areas of the zoo.  The loss of the privilege, not a right to smoke, is forfeited because a few cannot follow the rules.  Just one cigarette butt, if ingested by a young child, can kill them with all the toxins left over.   I am sure the Milwaukee County Zoo’s insurance prohibits smoking in the enclosed areas.  The only way to truly enforce this policy is to ban smoking altogether.  This is a family place; let’s make it as safe as we can.


The zoo is filled with children of all ages, even Philip Morris’s spokesman Bill Phelps has stated that smoking in areas intended for kid poses health risks.  Your policy now states there is no smoking for all Zoo buildings and for the safety and enjoyment of your guests; smoking is discouraged throughout the park.  I do not see evidence of such discouragement as there are “designated smoking areas” throughout the park.  How can the Zoo discourage such behavior when it is actually catering to it?  The Milwaukee County Zoo needs to get with the program as the other County public facilities and stamp out the smoking.  This is not over-reacting, this is being proactive.  Don’t we care enough for our kids to do so?




Randy Hollenbeck


We appreciate your comments and concerns regarding our new non-smoking policy, and we trust that our visitors will be patient with us during this time of transition for the Zoo. 


We have received many positive comments regarding our new designated smoking areas; but some issues still remain.  Our Zoo Director will be working with Zoo staff to help ensure that these areas are better enforced and followed by our guests.  Also, we are producing an insert explaining our new non-smoking policy that will be added to the Gate Brochure that all visitors receive upon entering the Zoo.  It is our intent to transition the Zoo from a smoking facility to a facility having only designated smoking areas, with the future hope that the Milwaukee County Zoo becomes entirely smoke-free.  We feel strongly that this is in the best interest of our visitors, as well as our animals.


Again, we appreciate and thank you for your suggestions, as they can only help us to better serve our visitors.


Jennifer Diliberti-Shea

Public Affairs

Milwaukee County Zoo


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