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Putting People's Mind To Ease

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Rumors are such a wonderful thing.


Is it true that Pick 'n' Save and K-Mart have gone on record as stating that if Wal-Mart comes to Cudahy, they will leave?


Okay so I did what anyone could do, I called them.  Here is what I said to all of them.


I am hearing that with the impending Wal-Mart you are going on record that you are intending on leaving and closing the store.


First up St. Francis Pick 'n' Save Store number 6857 St. Francis 4698 S. Whitnall (414) 769-8801.  I asked for a senior member of management and talked to Rebecca.  She laughed and no absolutely not that is a false statement.


Next I called Cudahy Pick 'n' Save Store number 6873 Cudahy 5851 S. Packard Avenue (414) 744-8883  I asked for a senior member of management and talked to Bill.  He laughed as well and stated they look forward to the competition and have no problem with Wal-Mart.


I called the Cudahy K-Mart 6077 S Packard Ave, Cudahy, WI. Phone: 414-769-6560.  I asked for store manager Debbie Bonkowski and found out she was not in so I talked to Nick.  He again laughed at the statement and said absolutely not that Wal-Mart will have were little impact and by no means are they closing.


Walgreen’s 3201 E Layton Ave Cudahy, WI 53110 (414) 481-8220 I talked to Hillary and she said NO, and again laughed.  She directed me to the Corp number 1-847-914-2962


Walgreen’s 6241 S Packard Ave Cudahy, WI 53110 (414) 762-9717 I talked to Mark and he said no and any type of decisions have to be done at the Corp level.


Walgreen’s Corp 1-847-914-2962 I talked to Tiffany and she told me it is not true, just as only Walgreen’s can sell prescriptions on Layton ave as someone rumored at the meet the mayor meeting is not true.  In fact, Tiffany told me that the Wal-Mart should increase their sales, as that is what happens nationwide with the increase of traffic.  She laughed just as the rest did.

  A common theme as you can see is when talking to them they laughed said NO and welcomed Wal-Mart


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