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Someone bring Cudahy a Sonic

Cudahy, Food, Development

As many of you remember, I posted a list of what I would like to see or what I thought would be good for Cudahy on the Iceport.  My wish list.  I have, in the past, contacted Sonic Drive In restaurants to see if they would be interested in building in Cudahy.  Talk about a place to have people drive to.  Wisconsin doesn???t have one.  Cudahy could be the first!  To have the only one in Wisconsin will draw people to it.  We all see the TV commercials and we don???t have one.


The people from Sonic Corporate Headquarters in November of 07??? told me that they have no plans on a corporate location, but if someone would like to buy a franchise and open one in the Milwaukee area (Cudahy) they would be happy.  See people, instead of just complaining and saying this is what I would like to see, I have reached out and actually did something.


So we need someone with deep pockets to buy a franchise and build it in Cudahy. 

So give it a thought and be the first in the state to open one.


These are the basic requirements to own a SONIC franchise:


The term of a SONIC franchise is 20 years, plus a 10-year renewal.

The franchise fee is $45,000, with a total initial investment ranging from $710,000 to $2.3 million.

You must have prior or current successful restaurant experience and/or strong entrepreneurial skills.

Royalty fees are 4 to 5 percent; advertising fees are 5.9 percent.

Financial Requirements Are:


  Liquidity Net Worth

2 Stores $1,000,000 $1,000,000

3 Stores $1,500,000 $1,500,000

5+ Stores $2,000,000 $2,000,000


For more detailed information, please see the FAQs section of this Web site.

If you are interested in owning a SONIC franchise, please fill out and submit the online Request Form.


You may also call our Franchise Sales Department at: 1-800-569-6656 for more information and assistance, or write to:

SONIC Industries, Inc.

Franchise Sales Department

300 Johnny Bench Drive

Oklahoma City, OK 73104

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