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Ford - Driving Forward

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Is Ford going to have “Cylinder deactivation, Variable Cylinder Management, Displacement on demand” on any cars in the near future?  I know GM and other manufactures have them in place now.  Why has Honda been able to get a hydrogen car to market without Ford having one as well.


Dear Randy,

Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding the availability of Variable Cylinder Management in our vehicles.

There are no details at this time reflecting plans to put this vehicle option into commercial production.  From time to time, vehicle options are added, deleted or modified.  Decisions to make these changes take into account factors such as market trends, customer demands, engineering advances, and dealership input.

The Customer Relationship Center is unaware in advance of changes that our Engineering and Design Team may be making and the specific reasons that the changes may be made in the future.  This type of information is considered confidential until the appropriate media statement is released. 


I can tell you Ford is committed to raising fuel standards while lowering emissions.  Ford is moving forward on bring back the turbo and moving the Hydrogen based cars from concept to production models.  Our competition currently has them out on a lease-based option.  Currently they will only be made available for the California market, as their law dictates a percentage of zero emission vehicles.  Ford sees this as the future of the auto industry.  Ford is working on making this happen in the not so distant future, within the next ten years or so.  Hydrogen cars will be the norm once the infrastructure is in place throughout the United States.


Honda Begins Production of Zero-Emission Hydrogen Cars


Honda Motor Co. has begun commercial production of its new zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell car, called the FCX Clarity.


Source: Foxnews

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