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Windfall Tax

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While I do not support a Windfall Tax on the oil companies I have been reminded that during the golden years of 1980-1989 of Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush had a windfall tax that was signed into to law by President Jimmy Carter in 1979.  It is my understand that at any time the sitting president could have taken it out.  It was not taken out until 1989.


When it comes to gas and oil I have to differ with my fellow conservatives.  I have blogged on that fact that I feel ethanol fuel is fine as long as it is not being made by taking away from food, but rather by waste by-products.


I do feel we need to open up more drilling and push for other alternative fuels.  I would even go as far as adding tax breaks and a tax income for startup companies to pioneer in alternates.  Yes, you read that correct a tax.  It would not be an added/new tax, just take a small percent of the federal gas tax that has to be used for roads and like wise and use that money.


 Instead of going to oil companies or chemical companies, this would be for small business looking at R/D.  Once they are gobbled up by a big company, pull the money.  Once they have a product, take the subsidy away.  This would be an incubation for businesses to look for alternate methods and solutions with “seed” money. 


Our economy is truly done on the small companies and this is who needs to help take charge.  Now a few of my friends say to add a windfall tax and use that money to do that very thing.  It sounds appealing, I just don’t know if it would work.


Instead of looking for one fix, we need to attack this from many directions with many different ideas.  We can drill our way out of the problem, but we need to be working on the next step now.  We have to drill now so our economy and that of the people is not damaged beyond repair.  There is noting wrong with make an incentive for the next thing now while we do have plenty of oil rather then wait until there is a real problem.  It has to be a two step process to work correctly for now and the future.

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