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Crime and Drug Town Hall Meeting

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Joe Mikolajczak, First District Alderman, is having a Crime and Drug Town Hall Meeting June 26 at 6:30pm at the Cudahy Library Wintergarden. 


Crime and drug issues will be discussed along with a demonstration of how a police K-9 unit can be an effective tool in our fight against crime and drugs.  My hope is they will place drugs in a car and let the dog loose to show how well and efficient the K-9 unit is. 


Special Guests to include Cudahy Detective Haase, Germantown police officer Jeff Schnell and Germantown drug specialist Bosco. 


Please do not forget to send your K-9 unit donations.


Please make checks out to


Cudahy Police K-9


5050 S. Lake Dr.


P.O. Box 100510


Cudahy, WI 53110-6106


I have already sent my check and received a very nice letter from Police Chief Poellot thanking my family for the donation.


In case you missed Joe Mikolajczak’s post in the public section, I will repost it here.


Cudahy Police K 9 Unit

By Alderman Joe Mikolajczak


The city of Cudahy is in the process of approving a Police Canine Unit.  This has been a proven and beneficial part of many police, sheriff departments as well as the State Patrol.


The Canine Unit trains on a consistent basis to keep the canine/handler team sharp and proficient at their skills.  The canine/handler team train virtually on a daily basis and once a month they train with a group of other canine handler's in the area.  The unit will provide better quality Law Enforcement and protection for the citizens and Police personnel for Cudahy and our neighboring communities.


The greatest value of a Canine Unit lies in its mere presence on the street.  The psychological effect of a Police Canine is tremendous, and their deterrent effect on crime cannot be measured.  The Canine is not to replace Police Officers, but to work as a member of a canine/handler team.  The Canine's remarkable sense of smell and sound are the main reason police departments utilize canines.  These senses allow the canines to perform functions that the human Police Officer just cannot do.  Canine/Handler teams can be used in the following situations utilizing these incredible skills.


Some of these uses of a Police Canine Unit include:


TRACKING - A canine can track human beings through a combination of human scent and ground disturbance.  Tracking is used mostly in locating and following a suspect's trail from the scene of various crimes, such as burglary, robbery, prowling, etc.


BUILDING SEARCHES - The use of canines to search buildings and homes is perhaps the most utilized of all the abilities they possess.  A large warehouse, office building, house or school which has been burglarized, or in which the alarm has been activated, are places where the canine is most functional.  Suspects that are hiding from Police possess a strategic advantage over the officers.  They can hear and often see officers coming and can ambush.  With the use of a canine to locate suspects this is often prevented.


CRIME SCENE/EVIDENCE SEARCHES - The canine can point out objects within a specific area that are foreign to the ground.  Canines can be very useful in recovery of physical evidence in brush and tall grass.


OPEN AREA SEARCHES - Cudahy has many densely vegetated areas which can provide suspects with hiding places.  Often these suspects are armed and pose a danger to the officers who are required to arrest them.  A properly trained canine can be used in these situations to locate the suspect while minimizing the danger to Police Officers.  The canine, with his superior olfactory (his nose) and hearing senses, is capable of conducting a more thorough search in less time than even a large number of officers.


APPREHENSION OF FLEEING SUSPECTS - Occasionally the canine may be called upon to apprehend and contain a fleeing suspect.  This can prevent the use of greater force to subdue a fleeing or combative suspect.  At any point before the apprehension, if the suspect gives up, the canine can be recalled without apprehension.


NARCOTIC SEARCHES - The use of canines to locate narcotics is another valuable ability.  Canines can locate hidden narcotics using their superior olfactory skills.  These narcotics can be hidden in false vehicle compartments, behind false walls or any other area in which small or large quantities can be concealed.  Police Canines are often trained to locate the odor of marijuana, cocaine, cocaine base, hashish and heroin.


PUBLIC RELATIONS - The Canine Unit can be is often made available to public and private groups for demonstrations and discussions about police related business.


I would like to thank Chief Poellot, Sgt. Scheel, Sgt. Blunt, the neighborhood watch and the many others who helped to make the Cudahy K-9 unit move forward to soon become reality.  If you would like to help donations are being accepted though the Cudahy Police Department.


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