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Correction - Car Use Policy Needs Fixing

Cudahy, Mayor, Policy

It has come to light that the city use vehicles (four of them not including Police/Fire) have not been logged for mileage or use.  It is true that this has been going on for many years and many Mayors.  Each time it was talked about getting fixed it was forgotten.  


So any valid city employee with access to the key board can walk in say they are taking the car, grab the keys, use the city valid gas card to fill up the car at the city gas station and drive away.  We are not and have not tracked the use of the car. 


Now I was told that the city people get a car allowance and have very few needs to use the city cars.  This brings to light and makes me scratch my head to why would we do not log and track the car use.  That opens up the floodgates for the cars to be improperly used.  I understand that there are insurance problems with having non-valid personnel in the cars, just as there are insurance problems with the use of personal cars for city business. 


My guess is taxpayers have paid more in gas, maintenance, insurance, for the unlogged city use cars then we should have.  This may not be done on purpose, but with no oversight or procedures to make sure, your guess is as good as mine.


I talked to Robert Goss tonight and he told me that he didn’t email me because the information originally came from him so he didn’t need to respond as it would be the same.  I apologized and told him I would fix it.  The source I received the information from didn’t tell me that Mr. Goss was the one who informed him of the situation. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


I had emailed the Mayor, Robert Goss, and my Alderperson Mark Otto about this problem and Alderman Otto replied back.   

Here is what I emailed:


It has come to light that the city use vehicles (four of them) have not been logged for mileage and use.  It is true that this has been going on for many years and many Mayors.


I am told that a post-it is placed on the keys with something like "I need the car on Wednesday".  One would think that the insurance company would want to have car use tracked.  Do we (Cudahy) have any car use policies and procedures in place?


Are there policies and security checks in place to prevent someone from using the gas card in the city vehicles from pumping gas into non-city vehicles at the city gas station?


Are there state regulations that require logs to be kept?


I would like to know if this is true and why it has not been fixed over the years.  This shows that improper car use would be next to impossible to find and correct.  I would think that city car use for in city and out of city should be tracked and I think most Cudahy residents would agree.


Randy Hollenbeck


He is what Mark Otto had to say. 


“You make a good point about the car use.  As for a car use policy, we probably don't have an official written policy.  As you may remember from the Mayor's state of the city, we don't even have an employee handbook.  I don't know the status of the project, but we hired a temp to help document practices and procedures.


The other thing to consider, the finance committee has discussed getting rid of the fleet.  It will more then likely be discussed again in July's finance meeting.”

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