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Land Property Zones

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While I could just be naïve to all of the land property zones, when the Iceport needed to be rezoned, I thought I might find a key to the Zones.  Here is what I found.


Establishment of zones


A-1 Agricultural Preservation District

A-2 General Agricultural District

A-3 Agricultural Related Manufacturing, Warehousing and Marketing District

A-4 Agricultural Land Holding District

R-1 Rural Residential District

R-2 Suburban Single-Family Residential District

R-3 Urban Single-Family Residential District

R-4 Urban Single-Family Residential District

R-5 Urban Single-Family Residential District

R-6 Urban Single-Family Residential District

R-7 Suburban Two-Family and Three-Family Residential District

R-8 Urban Two-Family Residential District

R-9 Multiple-Family Residential District

R-10 Multiple-Family Residential District

R-11 Multiple-Family Residential District

R-12 Mobile Home/Manufactured Home Park-Subdivision District

B-1 Neighborhood Business District

B-2 Community Business District

B-3 Highway Business District

B-4 Planned Business District

B-5 Wholesale Trade and Warehousing District (8/9/94)

M-1 Limited Manufacturing District

M-2 Heavy Manufacturing District

M-3 Mineral Extraction District (8/20/91)

M-4 Sanitary Landfill and Hazardous Waste Disposal District (8/20/91)

I-1 Institutional District

PR-1 Park-Recreational District

C-1 Lowland Resource Conservancy District

C-2 Upland Resource Conservancy District

FPO Floodplain Overlay District

FWO Camp Lake/Center Lake Floodway Overlay District (3/1/94)

FFO Camp Lake/Center Lake Floodplain Fringe Overlay District (3/1/94)

HO Historical Overlay District

PUD Planned Unit Development Overlay District

AO Airport Overlay District

RC Rural Cluster Development Overlay District


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