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RTA & Parks Sales Tax Increase

State Politics, Taxes

A proposed referendum on raising the Milwaukee County sales tax by 1 cent won the endorsement of the County Board on Thursday, but it remained uncertain whether the measure could survive a likely veto from County Executive Scott Walker.

The board backed the referendum on a 12-6 vote, but 13 supervisors would be needed for a veto override. The measure would ask voters in November whether they favor the 1 cent county sales tax increase, with proceeds to fund parks, transit, emergency medical services and property tax relief.  The increase would raise about $130 million a year and add to the existing 0.5% county sales tax that raises about $65 million annually. 


While listening to Mark Belling he pointed out that the a November referendum on a 1-cent local sales tax increase should really be 1%.So sales tax will go up to 6.6% in Milwaukee County.

It matters greatly.

Here is an example.

$15,000 item many people with the 1 cent try and make you think your item would cost in Milwaukee County at 5.6% plus 1 penny would be $15,840.01 that would be on cent.

$15,000 item many people with the 1% added is a sales tax of 6.6% in Milwaukee County and would be $15,990

They want you to think it is just a penny so who cares, well it is not just one cent or penny but a difference of $150.00

Give Scott Walker and Pat Jursik a call or email and tell them no to the 1 cent and let them know you really know it means 1% not 1 cent and we are taxed too much already.

County Executive

Scott Walker    414.278.5354


County Supervisor 8th District


Patricia Jursik   414.278.4231


Why must the people that differ in opinion must be sending hate mail?  Just because people differ and contact their supervisors doesn’t mean it will be hate mail.  People can conduct themselves as adults.


Emphasis is mine!


This is a victory for the people of Milwaukee County. Quite honestly, the victory could be short-lived if some conservatives get their way and flood other supervisors with hate mail, thus convincing them to switch sides.




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