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Common Council Follows the CDA and Votes No on Extension

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So you would think that Wal-Mart and the developer Continental are done with the Iceport.  Well not so fast.  It seems the city may be okay with dealing with Continental directly.  You may also now understand that Joe Henika was right about given Sportsites money, but he kept making it sound like Wal-Mart was getting the tax break.


That was not the case, yet his post in the public forum is being used as so.  What the whole thing was about was not giving a dime to the Sportsites people.  The problem was that the common person and those who wanted to believe it was true that Wal-Mart was getting a tax break because Joe wrote his post in such a manor.


In fairness people need to reread Lisa from Wal-Mart’s rebuttal (Setting the record straight By Lisa B. Nelson) on Mr. Henika’s post of the tax subsidy.


If you listen to the Mayor’s State of the City address at 36:36 he tells you Wal-Mart is not getting a tax break.  Still have the issue of the 10 Million TIF for the Wave Center and since Sportsites is the ones who brought Continental to the table, can the city even talk to them directly?


So what did happen at the CDA yesterday and at the Common Council tonight?


The city did not extend the deadline with Sportsites and Continental.  This being said the city did not end the discussion with Continental (thus Wal-Mart).  The thought is discussions can continue with the hopes that something happens soon.  From what I was told, Steve Wagner understands this and is still willing to talk.  I know they could even be in front of the CDA very soon.  The approvals still stand, I was told.


Do I think this is a good thing?  Yes, if the city can get the development with Continental and some how win the lawsuit, it is a total win win for Cudahy.  While this may not be the final that the NO Wal-Mart fans were looking for, it is not a sure thing the other way either.  I would naturally be happy not to over pay for the development, but something does need to happen.


While Joe Henika made the mistake of thinking I wanted to pay Sportsites money, if we just gave up after the May 5th meeting, this would not be able to move forward.  I know that some components of the deal are/were looking at other cities, namely oak creek.  I hope something soon happens.  Sitting too long makes people nervous.  Sitting too long makes people want to do crazy things.


It was the fact that Continental saw in the voting from the past CDA meeting and the last Plan Commission meeting the willingness of the city in wanting this project as a whole to move forward.  Without that, Continental would have just walked away.  I have been in support of the project as a whole.  I have been very stern that Wal-Mart makes a building that looks good.  If you listen towards the end of the Mayor’s State of City address you will hear me say that exact thing.


The fact that the city is willing to have discussions shows interest and merit with the project.  The fact that Continental came back after the May 5th and still would like to have discussions shows interest and merit with the project on their behalf.  Again let us hope it haves soon.  We need an answer either way and I hope it is with this project moving forward.


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