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Talks Still Continue

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My guess the continued talks will meet the requirements to have the lawsuit dismissed.  I do think the most of the city would like the development to move forward.  I also feel that many of the city leaders also share the sediment as long as the city gets what is asked for in the business conditions. 


City will not foreclose on Iceport site yet


Although the July 1 deadline for the sale of the former Iceport property was not met or extended, city officials are not moving to claim the land at this time.


Instead, the city will continue to negotiate a developer’s agreement for Cudahy Station, the multiuse development proposed for the site, without altering the land ownership arrangement — at least for now.


City Attorney Paul Eberhardy said there has not been any movement by the Community Development Authority or the Common Council toward filing an affidavit.  He said filing an affidavit is the first step in a foreclosure.


“There has been discussion to continue working with Continental Properties toward crafting a development agreement,” he said.


The Common Council on July 1 followed a Community Development Authority recommendation against extending the deadline, so while the city is not moving to foreclose on the land now, it has the option to in the future.


The negotiation process and drafting of a developer’s agreement will go forward as planned, but likely will be a lengthy process.


“There’s a lot of people and a lot of steps involved,” Eberhardy said.


Drafting the developer’s agreement will be involved, and CDA members will be “examining the document with a microscope,” he said.  It is up to the Common Council to grant final approval.


Brad Hoeschen, Sportsites’ attorney, said a purchase agreement between Continental Properties and Sportsites has been pending for a year, but the deal has not been closed because all the contingences have not yet been satisfied.


One requirement is that Continental Properties receives all approvals to move forward with Cudahy Station.


Eberhardy said the city is now in the position to ensure that the process does not go on indefinitely.


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So as I posted before the City would like to finish up the process and move along if all the things in the Business Developer Agreement the city is seeking are met.  I do know some of it was talked about in last nights closed CDA meeting.  From what I heard the city maybe asking for, I hope the city gets what is being asked for.


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