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Going Out of Business

Milwaukee, retail

In the Milwaukee Journal, it was reported that the True Value hardware at 3014 S. 13th St. was closing.  The story is below.  While it is true that the storeowner lists Wal-Mart as one of the reasons for the closing, it is not the only one and not everything.  So after reading a blog on what the Wal-Mart supporters think about this and the come back, one of my friends stopped to visit with the owner. 


He learned that the ever decreasing profit margins has made it difficult coupled with increasing crime and retail theft at the store, it just was not cost feasible.  So when an offer came in to sell the business/building he jumped on it.  It is what happen once he decided to sell off his store merchandise that is wild. 


You will hear it here first and soon in the Milwaukee Journal if they decide to run the story.


Just when you thought that the City of Milwaukee had figured out every way that they can to extract more money from the hard working people of their city, along comes this.


Many of the people on this list do business with a small, locally owned hardware store on the Southside of Milwaukee.  Unfortunately, the owner of that hardware store has decided to cease doing business in the City of Milwaukee.  He is currently in the process of holding a "Going Out of Business" sale.


He inquired at Milwaukee City Hall, City Development Center about putting up a relatively large "Going Out of Business" sign on his bldg.  He was told that he needed a permit to put up such a sign and the cost for the permit was $43.00 dollars.  That would be bad enough that a property owner has to get permission (permit) from the government to put up a sign on his own bldg. and then pay a fee of $43.00 dollars for the privilege.


A few days ago, a City of Milwaukee Health Dept. Inspector walked in to his store and asked to see his "Close Out Sale" license.  In other words, in the City of Milwaukee, if you are a business owner and you want to go out of business and sell off your inventory, you have to get permission  and a license from the city government, just to go out of business.  That is still not the best part.  Of course there is a fee that goes along with this permit.  The fee is based in part, on the value of your inventory.  So in this small local hardware store owner's case, he estimated that his inventory was worth about $200,000 dollars.  The City of Milwaukee charges $2.00 per thousand so he got hit with a fee of $400.00 just for the inventory and another $110.00 for the cost of the permit which allows him to conduct his "Close Out Sale" for 60 days.


So the cost of going out of business for this small hardware store in the City of Milwaukee is $553.00 dollars, just for the privilege of allowing the City of Milwaukee to let him close up his business.


The only good news in this story is the Dept. of Neighborhood Services had nothing to do with this, at least from what I can tell.


If this is not legal extortion, I don't know what is.


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Mark Bold, owner of the True Value, has operated the store on the South Side for 21 years.  He says he's closing because of competition from Wal-Mart, Builder's Square, Hobo and Menards.


"I just can't fight anymore," Bold said.  He feels defeated because he's supported local causes and offered fix-it advice to customers for years.  But when it comes to big purchases, they go to the big boxes to save money, he said.


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