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Oak Creek Post Office

Development, Oak Creek

We are all very happy that the U.S. Post Office is moving from downtown Milwaukee to Oak Creek.  It will bring 2200 people to drive and shop in the area.  These are not new jobs, but relocations with people still none the less.  These people will want to shop and eat around work.  Many will use the Park Way and services around the Cudahy, South Milwaukee, Milwaukee, and Oak Creek area.  All excellent things for local economies.


There will be concerns of traffic and who (which cities) should pay for road improvements.  Should turn lanes be improved on College and Pennsylvania?  College Ave west of Pennsylvania is planned to be widened and slightly moved as part of the airport expansion and will have federal funds for most of the project.


While talking to a friend in Oak Creek’s government there is concern on the land to be used.  The new building will cover some 820,000 square feet on 64 acres south of W. College Ave. and west of S. Pennsylvania Ave., said Scott Yauck, a principal at Cobalt Partners, a Milwaukee development firm.  Cobalt controls the site, known as the Van Beck farm, and is selling it to the Postal Service.


The Postal Service is not yet saying how much it will pay for the site, agency spokeswoman Marge Oehlke said.  Final cost estimates are needed before the agency grants final funding approval for the project, she said.


The new building won't provide property tax revenue because it will be owned by the Postal Service, a tax-exempt government agency.  But along with keeping jobs in Milwaukee County, the development is expected to draw additional commercial and residential development to Oak Creek and other nearby communities, Walker and (Mayor) Bolender said.


The city would like to collect some sort of tax and the talk in the wind is that the Post Office will seek to divide up the unused land and sell it off or just lease the land.  Rumor has it that a big box store that is not Wal-Mart is looking at it.  Some in the city would like the land to be leased to the Post Office so that doesn’t happen or a condition placed that they cannot do such a thing.


64 acres = 2,787,840 square feet and the building will cover 820,000 square feet and an estimated 800,000 for parking of cars and trucks.  It is possible that size will shrink if the parking structure gets approval to be taller.  Special regulations must be adhered to with the airport’s needs.  That leaves over a million left over for other use.


The processing center planned for Oak Creek won't open until 2011 at the earliest.


Because no taxes will be collected some are calling this proposal “wasteland style development” and hope the sides cannot come to an agreement.  While I think the move is a good thing, I can understand why some people feel that way.


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