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Wacky Court and Judge Things

Court, Wacky

I am a fan of reading and hearing the dumb things criminals do, like robbing a bank with a personalized deposit slip.  So I thought I would keep track of wacky, odd, funny, flat out huh things that go on in the court room that I see on the Internet.  Hear are three of them so far.


McAllen, Texas.  Justice of the Peace Gustavo Garza has been sued for giving parents the ultimatum of either paying heavy court fines or paddling their children in open court.


Daniel Zurita's 15-year-old stepdaughter was caught skipping school, and he had to paddle her with one of the two wooden paddles Garza displays in his courtroom after the justice said it was either that or pay a $500 fine.


Garza stated paddling was a lawful option and was chosen by 98% of parents.  Plaintiff attorney Mark Rossi said Garza is "basically turning the courtroom into something more resembling the Jerry Springer Show than a court of law."



Advocates to Sue Over Christian Cross License Plates


An advocate group is suing South Carolina to keep the Christian cross off state-issued license plates.  The cross would be accompanied by the phrase "I Believe" (SN reported).  The Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed the suit.


It was filed on behalf of a Rabbi, a Hindu group and three Christian clergy members.  It states that the production of the license plates is against the Constitution.  The group behind the suit is led by Reverend Barry W. Lynn.


Rev. Lynn said the plate “was a clear signal that Christianity is the preferred religion of South Carolina and obviously we don’t believe the Constitution allows this.”  The plate had already brought objections from the ACLU and others.


Woman charged in restaurant rat scheme


And finally, an Appleton, Wisconsin woman was eating at a local restaurant last April when she said she found a dead rat in her food.


The Post-Crescent newspaper reports Debbie Miller wanted The Season's restaurant to pay her $500,000 dollars or she would alert the media.  She also said she had to seek medical treatment.


But when the rodent was turned over to insurance investigators, they found out some things about the rat, and the woman.


They say it was a white domestic variety rat — the kind used in lab experiments — and not found in the wild.  They also discovered that the rat had been cooked in a microwave.  But the restaurant does not use microwaves.  And investigators could find no records of the woman seeking medical treatment — leading authorities to conclude that Miller put the rat in her own food.


She has since been charged with extortion, obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct.


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