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Elected Or Appointed

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There is talk floating around that the City of Cudahy might want to change the Cudahy Clerk and Treasurer from being an elected position to an appointed one.  I think that would be a major step back.  We would be taking the people out of control and placing that control to either a Mayor or Council to appoint the positions.


While some say that if you appoint those positions, you can make sure the person has the right skill sets.  I am also told many other cities appoint them.  Okay, but now you can setup a position where the people in power place the person in those slots.  Now the person is no longer answerable to the people.  Having the positions stay as elected positions, cuts down on politics playing into the positions.  Quandary to having an election which is political verses someone playing politics and place who they want in, politics plays more in the appointment.  There is no guarantee that the person with the best skill set is picked while being appointed any ways.    


How do we make sure currently that the Alderpersons or Mayor have the right skill set?  By votes!!!!!!!!!

If the people feel, they didn’t have the right skill set they will not get the votes for a reelection.


Now with Alderman Sean Smith’s open position, we have the opportunity to start and stagger the Alderperson districts.  For our five districts, we need to have the stagger because they could all leave and no senior staffed person is left on the council to have no guidance.


I also hope we also don’t create a city administrator position because that is what we have a Mayor for.  That position too would be an appointed position and that is not in the city and its citizen’s best interest.  That would give way too much power to someone that doesn’t answer to the people.







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