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Can you recognize earmarks?


While listing to WISN I have been hearing an ad run by The Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) Hospital Groups Launch "Fair Share for Health Care" Campaign WHA and WHIAC Aim to Raise Awareness of Medicaid Under Funding (9/15/08).  If this sounds familiar, they ran a similar ad in 2006 and 2007.  Some called this the hospital tax.

The current ad “We Can Do Better” states:

Wisconsin is not getting our fair share of tax dollars from Washington.

Millions are going to other states, like Illinois, to help make their health care more affordable.

But Wisconsin ranks almost dead last in bringing our federal tax dollars back home.

That means higher health care costs for Wisconsin families and businesses.

The state Legislature can change this.

Call your legislator at 800-362-9472 and tell them to bring our fair share of health care dollars back to Wisconsin.

Paid for by the Wisconsin Hospital Issue Advocacy Council

The 2006/2007 ad states:  "Wisconsin is not getting back its fair share of federal tax dollars, and our health care costs are rising because of it.  A hospital assessment proposal in the state legislature could bring back an additional $410 million of your federal tax dollars.  Hospitals, business groups, a bipartisan majority of legislators and the governor support it.  But some politicians in Madison are standing in the way.  Call your legislator at 800-362-9472 and tell them to bring our tax dollars home.  Paid for by the Wisconsin Hospital Issue Advocacy Council

So you do realize that this ad is advocating earmarks.  With all of this hoopla about earmarks, I just thought I would bring that to everyone’s attention.








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