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Wal-Mart and Cudahy Station Moving Along

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While at the last CDA meeting talking about the MOU, it was made clear that things are moving along.  Slow, but they are moving.  I was happy that the city is looking at putting a provision in place that if Wal-Mart would decide to close the store and move that we would not be left with just an empty building.


I would like to share an email I received that poses a question with Alderman Sean Smith leaving.


Randy, I just wonder if Mr. Smith leaving was not some how in the plans once Wal-Mart was given the go ahead.  Now with Mr. Smith gone, the Common Council would be tied, allowing the Mayor with the deciding vote.  People around me think the election to replace Mr. Smith will be dragged out so that the Mayor has the greatest time with the tiebreaker.  I do know that the Mayor could, at anytime, veto the project, but that would be all on him instead of the line he used before that he was just one vote!  I find it odd that there is nothing on CudahyNow about the election date or the cost of the special election.  Are there not state laws that have to be followed with when the date has to be?


I have asked around and was told the city would have a date soon.  Just as Mr. Smith’s leaving was personal reasons, I will not speculate that out of respect to his family and Mr. Smith.  Yes, the timing was odd, but I was told that it was done to try and have it coordinate with the general election as not to cost the taxpayers any additional money.  There was a miscalculation of a few days to a week on the announcement and the signed resignation papers.  I do not think there is some plan to kill the project with this development.  I do wish Mr. Smith the best!


Some people have talked that the Wal-Mart should have a design that is unique and a theme of a train station that would go along with the project name of Cudahy Station and the possible train station in the future.  It was also talked about having train boxcars to add to the theme.  I think that is all a wonderful idea!  I would like to see the box cars used for storage instead of truck trailers that many retailers, including Wal-Mart, like to use to store merchandise and shelving/counter parts in.  It would also be nice and neighborly to have the boxcars painted up with local business from Cudahy to act as billboards.


Just as I have said in the past, I do think that Cudahy needs Wal-Mart as much as Wal-Mart needs Cudahy.  If it takes slow and steady to get it right, then that is what should be done.







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