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2007 Crime

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First, I would like to personally thank the Cudahy Police Department (CPD) and all of its officers and staff.


This is a segment from a letter from Lieutenant David R. Aamodt in the Cudahy 2007 Annual Report from the Cudahy Police Department.  I do think it sums up 2007 very well.


2007 was a notably violent year in Cudahy.  In March, two of our officers were forced to fatally shoot a 42-year-old rape suspect when the man charged at them with a knife as the officers tried to arrest him.  On March 1st, the proprietor of the Plankinton Inn was shot four times during an attempted robbery.  We saw our violent crime index increase 79 percent.  Aggravated Assaults increased to 31 from 20 in 2006.  8 of these assaults were stabbings.  We also investigated 151 Misdemeanor Assaults.  Robberies were at an unprecedented high of 30 (28 reported for the UCR), up from 13 in 2006.  We did not have a violent homicide in 2007; however, we did successfully investigate a “Len Bias” Reckless Homicide case.  A 21-year-old woman died of a heroin overdose in early December.  Four people that were involved in the distribution of the heroin that killed the woman were charged with Reckless Homicide or the federal equivalent.


I would like to believe I live in a city that doesn’t have crime, but that just isn’t the case or reality.  Crime statistics can some times be very misleading.  When the CPD started to crack down more and make drugs or prostitution a priority, arrests for those categories would be higher.  One area of crime that is of grave concern for me is strong armed robbery.  With the ease of the Parkway also comes the ease of robbers, thieves, murderers, or thugs to conduct their evil ways and harm the public. 


While I, as a small business owner sympathize with the cost of doing business and protecting the people and the company’s assets, many businesses should install or upgrade their camera systems.  Having a good video camera system would make the apprehension of those responsible for the crime faster and easier.  I would even push for the city to make an ordinance that states if a business has had a robbery or theft “x” amount of time that the business be required to put good video cameras in.  They can contact Vince from Certified Security & Controls at 414-550-3102 for ideas or a quote on a system.  Vince is a very decent and honest man who is a small business owner with experience with video systems that have been used with police investigations.  I am sure there are many other good places as well.


Video cameras can only do so much.  The city and its people have to help the situation by being involved and not afraid to report suspicious events, noises, or people.


Reading the report made me depressed, but it did give me hope as well.  Juvenile problems did drop from last year.  Parking (PK) Handicap and Fire Lane violations are being looked at.  That has not happened the last four years.  Now reading this you may say that is not hard crimes that matter, but tell that to the fire department when they are trying to get their rigs and equipment into a place when people’s lives are at stake. 


The third district still leads the way with the most police phone calls.  The third district has almost double the calls as the other districts.  I do know that Alderman Mark Otto looks into that as I have talked to him personally about it. 


What can the police do to improve this crime problem?  First, we need to make sure we are giving them the tools they need and that they are using them.  This K-9 unit will take a good bite out of the crime.  We all need to help the police department with our involvement. Get involved with “The Neighborhood Block Watch Group”.  Talk to your neighbors and look out for them.  The city personnel needs to be involved and they are, some more than others.


I plan on doing a blog on the break down of the stats like I have done in the past.


It is hard to pull positives from the numbers, so I will pull some quotes and info from those who are included in the report.


Lieutenant David R. Aamodt –


One of the highpoints of the year was a Drug Interdiction program directed by Sgt Chris Blunt. We worked cooperatively with the Milwaukee County Sheriff, Oak Creek, St. Francis and the Franklin Police Departments.  These agencies provided K-9s and handlers.  During six separate occasions officers made 118 traffic stops that resulted in 166 identified contacts, 62 traffic citations and 21 arrests (9 for Drugs).  Some of the subjects of the stops were identified as street gang members.  The presence of the K-9s and our officers photographing and documenting gang indicia sent a strong message to these gang members that Cudahy would be a bad place for them to do business in. Also, we received full reimbursement for the cost of this program from the Milwaukee HIDTA.”


Sergeant Randy Scheel –


Overall, the City is in good hands with the veteran employees of Day Shift, who are hard working, dedicated professionals.”  


Sergeant Christopher M. Blunt –


January 2nd, 5:24 p.m.:  Officer Tony Andrews responded to a boyfriend/girlfriend dispute at 5781 South Packard Avenue, where the male party suddenly barricaded himself with a knife within the apartment bathroom.  The Cudahy Tactical Unit responded.” 


(You may not have known Cudahy has a Tactical Unit)


 The Cudahy Police Department tactical unit has been formally established since 1999.  The main purpose of a tactical unit is to have an organized and trained response to situations, which are potentially dangerous and life-threatening and to resolve those conflicts peacefully. 

With the addition of a Crime Suppression Unit in 2008 as well as the overall crime trends in Cudahy, I anticipate the workload of the Cudahy Police Department Tactical Unit will increase substantially.  The brave and skilled men of this unit undoubtedly welcome this challenge.”


Lieutenant Chris Kraker -


While the City sleeps, the personnel of the Late Shift are dedicated to providing a safe environment to work and live within.”


Lieutenant David R. Aamodt -


 I believe the single most important issue we face is the problem of drug abuse.  The abuse of heroin and other opiates continues to be a challenge.  We investigated three opiate overdose deaths in 2007.  The deceased were: a 21-year-old woman, a 27-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman.  We investigated each of these as a “Len Bias” 1st Degree Reckless Homicide case.  In addition, I am aware of at least three other opiate overdoses in which the person survived (thanks to paramedics). We made a significant increase in the amount of drug seizures in 2007.  We seized 3,000 grams of marijuana, 14 grams of powder cocaine, 12 grams of crack cocaine and 4 grams of heroin.  A total of 72 drug arrests were made. In addition, we identified 6 different gangs present in Cudahy in 2007.  They were: Latin Kings, Maniac Latin Disciples, C-14s, Mexican Posse, La Familia and East Side Mafiaso.I am pleased to report that under the reorganization plan for 2008, a Crime Suppression Unit has been established and more officers have been trained in the investigation of drug crimes.  I am sure that the Detectives and Officers of the Cudahy PD will rise to the challenges presented to them and make the City of Cudahy a safer place to be. 







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