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Pure Disappointment

Milwaukee County, Scott Walker

Sept. 23, 2008 - Walker issues hefty raises to top Milwaukee County aides


I have always been a Scott Walker supporter and fan!  To read the JS article that during a time when people are cutting back and the nation is in financial crisis that Scott Walker is giving 26% pay raise for his chief of staff, former Ald. Tom Nardelli nearly $20,000 raise to $95,000 a year.  Plus, seven county administrators also scored increases of up to 12.5%, was just disappointment to the ninth degree!


I can say that I have to agree with many lefty blogs that are just crushing Walker for this!  And they should! I just question their motive! I am a Conservative Republican and Walker is acting like a tax and spend Liberal Democrat.  I think the county government has gotten to him much like Cudahy's Mayor Ryan McCue; they went in as reformers and are coming out as liberals.


This will kill any chance Walker ever had to be governor.  How in God’s name does Walker think we should be giving out raises at all?  Then to make them so outlandish.  I didn’t like the fact that Walker even circumvented the decision making and approval of it.


I have to totally agree with fellow friend and blogger, Orville Seymer, field director for Citizens for Responsible Government Network, when he said the raises for Nardelli and some other Walker aides appeared excessive.

"I just think all these people are overpaid" and unlikely to command such salaries in the private sector, Seymer said.


Then to read Walkers rebuttal to this was a further slap in the face.  Jay Weber has it up on his page


This is just a few of the low lights “The top staff at the county had not received a pay adjustment in the past six years (even as many took on additional responsibilities).  Most are still considerably less than similar positions in other parts of the county.  Most of these pay adjustments went into effect earlier this summer.”

Walker does bring up a few good points that if he didn’t raise the wage would have helped propel him like:

 Never mind that the Chief of Staff for the County Board is going up to nearly $110,000 next week.  Never mind that Ament’s Chief of Staff made nearly $115,000.  Never mind that the Chief of Staff to Mayor Barrett has a range that starts at $95,000.  These same members of the County Board do not object to their own Chief of Staff making considerably more.  

Finally, the newspaper did not report on the cabinet when they got their wage adjustment in the middle of the summer.  The newspaper did not report on the Chief of Staff when his issue came up last week.  So why did they wait until today?  Could it be because my budget (the 7th straight without a tax levy increase from the previous year) comes out tomorrow?  Over the past few days, we gave the newspaper early information about big things in our budget – like the expansion of FamilyCare to people with developmental and physical disabilities or the option to bid out operations of the airport.  Each of these stories was a small mention in their news digest section while this “old news” got a headline on the front page.  Do you think they have an agenda?”


Again, those would have been excellent points if he didn’t fall under the wicked spell that taxpayers are an easy way to just collect money.  Walker has done a great job of getting the budget down and keeping it, but to then raise wages as such is just idiotic!  We lost the high ground and that feeling is not a good one! 


There is no doubt that the media is biased and people are out to get Walker, but that doesn’t excuse the raise.  When the economy is this bad all Government jobs, Federal, State and local, should be frozen.  No pay increases!  The backs of the taxpayers cannot handle it.  Not when their own pay is cut and cuts doesn’t mean frozen.  It means lowered.  Many are frozen and that is not right, but it is what it is.  The pain has to be shared across and that means the government jobs as well!


I am still firmly in Scott Walkers corner, but I don’t think he made a good decision of clear mind on this.  I know some of my fellow Conservative Republicans will chastise me and tell me to just understand that in the bigger picture it isn’t that bad.  Well I just don’t agree with them and that is a big thing that separates the Right from the Left and the Conservatives from the Liberals.  We can be on the same side and still disagree!  The left is just upset because it makes Walker look bad.  When it is their side doing this, it is okay!









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