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TV Cue Opt-In

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Some people may not have heard or read that if you would like to keep getting the TVCUE in the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that you will have to opt-in to keep getting it in the Sunday’s newspaper.


You MUST before November 16th go to or call the request line 1-866-616-5072.  If you do NOT they will stop delivering to you in your Sunday paper the TV Cue which contains the TV Guide.  (To do the website you must log in or if new user to website create username and password)


Now the J/S states this is done to “reduce environmental footprint by delivering the TV Cue to those that only want it.”


“For years Milwaukee- area TV viewers turned to TV Cue to find the week’s listings in one convenient location.  But with the growth of onscreen listings, many copies go straight to the recycle bin”


The claim is just as bothersome as the fact that you have to opt-in. 


Onscreen listings have been around for years, if they would have claimed that the Internet listings that would be fine, but the lame reason of the online listings. 


They should have had people opt-out instead of opt-in as those that don’t want it can do something about it.  There would be no disruption of it that way.  From a customer service point that would have been the correct way to handle it!


I wonder how long until the whole paper is that way? 


This blog is on the J/S system and to me this step and others lately shows that the paper is not in the greatest of shape.  Could the printed newspaper Milwaukee Journal Sentinel be gone by 2015?  Only time will tell, but it is not looking good!

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