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I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Vote For John McCain!


Cudahy, as in the past, is much divided.  Just take a drive through it and you will notice that on the West side many more McCain signs than Obama.  While on the East side more Obama than McCain.

I will not give you reasons not to vote for Obama.  If you want those, and there are many, please stop by the other blog on The Right View Wisconsin

Instead, I will talk up John McCain with the truth.

I love America and all it stands for.  Even in tough times, as we are currently in, I cannot think of a better place to be!  I love capitalism, freedom of choice, my rights respected and that America is the best place in the world!  I am not ashamed to say that, nor do I think America needs to learn a lesson of fairness from other nations who do not place our interests first.

McCain is not the perfect Conservative Republican.  Heck he is not a Conservative, but a moderate!  That is where Sarah Palin balances the ticket.  I want someone that has my best interest at heart.  Someone who will fight for me.  Not someone who I feel has their own personal agenda before America’s.

In tough times, we don’t need big government to save us.  Big government is what makes the problems in the first place.  Truly only those in government want more and bigger government.  Government needs to stop spending so much on all projects.  Our problems must be solved by its people not the big government.

Some bemoan the Iraq war, but it is needed to keep the war on terror from spilling American civilian blood on American soil.  We needed to bring the battle to them not to us.  People do not forget 9/11 because those same groups of people still want to ruin our way of lives.  They want to bring down the capitalist pigs.  Notice that isn’t socials pigs, but capitalist pigs.  They want nothing more then to make us a third world nation. 

Did we make mistakes in the Iraq war?  Yes!

Did we spend millions of our dollars unnecessarily?  Yes, I have talked how we needed a Marshal Plan.

Did we need to do it?  Yes!

Was John McCain not the first one to say we need a surge?  Yes, he was for the surge before everyone else was for it.

I understand that history will be made even with John McCain.  The first female Vice President, a giant leap for equality of the sexes. 

John McCain knows how to reach across the aisle and say, “Yes we can do this together”.

John McCain wants to put a freeze on all projects and that scares the big government people that rely on the government getting bigger for job security.  Why should they not have to worry about their jobs like the rest of us do?

John McCain has promised to appoint judges who will interpret the law, not make it.  Again, that scares some, as they don’t see a difference from legislating from the bench and the legislative branch.

John McCain has promised to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. That is a real tax cut.  Our taxes are already not fair since it is a progressive tax?  Yes, even the rich should get tax cuts.  Without the rich, who will own the companies that employ people?  See if you want big government, the government will supply the jobs in an ever-increasing venous vicious circle.

John McCain has the experience and the toughness to lead the way and I don’t fall for the scare tactic that Palin is just one heartbeat away crap.  What if a meteor might crash into the Earth?  Should I start to worry about that?

John McCain has the courage, strength, dedication, fortitude and convection to move this country forward without damaging the guiding principles that our forefathers laid out in our pursuit to the American dream.  We left behind the monarchies, dictatorships, and government run systems for a self-government that is fair as long as those individuals bring their own determinations and effort.  We have rejected Communism and Socialism when it could have been the hip thing to do!  The easy path! 

There is no short cut to the American Dream.  It takes hard work, blood, sweet, tears and individual responsibilities not a government handout or program to propel the people and the nation forward to reach the American Dream.  We should not be envious of those that have or wish to punish them either.

John McCain is Pro-Life because he knows the value of life and that life begins at conception.

John McCain has met problems and adversity face on in the past.  He has stared possible death and uncertainty in the eyes during the darkest of times and persevered.

John McCain commands and demands respect.  He doesn’t show or ooze fear and weakness.

John McCain may not look the part of a Hollywood movie actor playing president.  But this is not Hollywood, this is for real, this is America in the here and now.  We cannot tape or script the actions of those wanting to do harm to us, so our responses cannot be taped or scripted either.

John McCain has promised to fight government spending, to veto any bill with earmarks, and to roll back entitlement programs.  Sarah Palin feels that same way.  Doesn’t that sound like Conservative positions that are used to describe a “Republican?”

John McCain has the guts and the cuts that are necessary to bring about a balanced budget and force congress to make that a permanent requirement.

I don’t think we need to change just for change.  That is crazy talk.  Let all the married people just get divorces just to get divorces for change.  Screw working things out and toughing through them.  Just throw in the towel for the heck of it!  If that was the answer don’t you think MPS and many other failing things would just given up and change for change sake.

If you would hire someone solely based on looks or how well they speak from a cue card or teleprompter instead of real qualifications and past experience, unless you are hiring a news anchor or actor, you would be in trouble with the law as that mounts to biased discrimination and not a very good business decision.  So why would you elect a president for those reasons?

John McCain has served and honored his country and during that time brings much to the table as a president should.

I love this country and John McCain puts country first.  I want this country will all of its flaws and imperfections to continue a capitalism path because socialism is change and it scares me.  If it doesn’t scare you, you must be in government. 

Remember when you are in government you work for the people not the other way around.  If you forgot, America is a democratic republic.  You need to read the Federalist Papers and think about “What is the key function of the federal government?” 

I hope you can remember that the key function(s) of government according to our "Founding Fathers" were two-fold.
1. Protect your private property
2. Secure your individual liberties
I would recommend reading an old, out dated Federal document papers, better known as the Constitution, specifically Article 1 Section 8.  It lays out in detail the powers and duties of the Federal Government.

Please vote for John McCain as between the two choices, John McCain respects the Constitution much more than the other one.  John McCain is the right choice for the right reasons! 

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