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Leaf Collection Times and Issues

Cudahy, South Milwaukee, St. Francis, DPW

For those of you who have know me for the thirteen years I have lived in Cudahy, you know I have always had a problem with the day the leaf collection and street sweepers come around.


Why does the street sweeper come the same day as garbage pickup? 


Over half of all garbage cans are not correctly on the grass or approach as indicated by Cudahy City Ordinance Chapter 8 section 12 (8.12); instead, they are in the road, which is in the way of the street sweeper.  This is a very ineffective way of cleaning.  So much gets missed, and is a waste of tax payers' dollars.  The five P's must have been missed here, "Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.???  The street sweeping should not be done on the same day.  Before garbage day is the preferred day, since some people do not remove the garbage can even the next day. 


I also want a reason as to why this action is being done in the manner.


After all these years, I still don???t understand why Street Sweeping and leaf collection occurs on the same day as garbage pickup.  This is just not the way it should be. 


Common sense tells you that the cleanup is not done as well as it should be.  People DO NOT place the garbage cans correctly, so sweeping should be done days either before or after garbage pickup.  This would save money and cleanup would be better (have to come by or maneuver around as much).  Productivity has never been a strong suit of government.  I understand this is the way it has always been, but that doesn???t make it right.  As far as trucks in the area, so what!!  I ask anyone to go out and watch when the street sweeper comes by, take the challenge, and watch how many people have garbage cans wrong and how hard the cleanup drivers have to dance around to cleanup what they can. 


Why cannot someone step forward and correct this?  Parked cars are always a problem.  A simple change of the schedule and all would be better.  Cleaner Cudahy, people make mistakes so the city should work it out and work around them.


From the Cudahy 2008 Fall-Winter Newsletter 



Beginning in October, the Department of Public Works will collect leaves on a scheduled basis using two vacuum units working each weekday from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  We sincerely regret any noise made by these vehicles during the long hours of leaf removal.


It is difficult to keep up with the volume during peak periods.  Your cooperation and patience are appreciated!


You may rake your leaves into the curb and create piles no higher than the curb. Our equipment cannot handle taller piles and the operator will be forced to drive around your taller leaf pile. 


Do not mix garden waste into your leaf pile.  This will cause the sweeper to break down. 


Open truck collection of larger leaf piles and garden waste will be held the first week of November.



Monday ??? District 1

Tuesday ??? District 2

Wednesday ??? District 3

Thursday ??? District 4

Friday ??? District 5


??? Place your leaves in the curb the night before or before 5:00 AM on the day of collection.

??? Due to the amount of leaves, the schedule may vary.  Please take note of the day we are scheduled to be in your district and rake accordingly.




South Milwaukee Leaf Collection Residents are allowed to place LEAVES ONLY IN THE GUTTER FROM October 1st until  November 15th.  Please do not place any garden waste, branches or plants in with the leaves.  If you have a pile of leaves in front of your residence on November 15th, you may continue to add to that pile until it is removed.  After that, leaves must be taken to the Self Deposit Station for disposal.  There is no charge for leave disposal. It takes approximately 5 to 8 working days to completely pick up leaves citywide.

  St. FrancisThe City will be collecting  leaves ???.

(LEAVES ONLY PLEASE) placed in the gutter.  Leaves can be placed in the gutter beginning October 6, 2008,   The last day to place leaves in the gutter is November 30, 2008.



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