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MPS Spending

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If you have not gone to the MPS Spending database that CRG has put together you really need to because it will be an eye opener!  I don’t even know how people can explain or excuse some of these.  I consider fellow blogger on RVW, Orville Seymer of CRG, a friend and was impressed with what he and Chris Kliesmet did with the MATC database and the MPS one is much, much more.


The MPS slogan of “High Standards Start Here” must not apply to those working at and for MPS.


I hope they do one for MCTS (Milwaukee County Transit System) as transparency of government is essential.  CRG has done great work in helping to push the envelope with open requests and keeping government on the straight and narrow. 


Open records is something that is done all the time in many other cities and it maybe something new that the City of Cudahy personnel have not seen, but it is a part of the checks and balances of government.  I know the city of Franklin has many people request information using the open records request.  Including bloggers from Franklin.


Many times people don’t have an understanding of what CRG stands for and unfairly attack them.  They spend many hours doing the legwork to making an impossible task possible!


Please go to the MPS database and look for yourself -


Thanks to CRG for all your hard work.


Here is what Orv has to say about it,


“To all,


Below are links to the CRG Network database and the report from Today's TMJ 4.  This is a very extensive database that has more than 400,000 entries included in it, and more than $2.2 billion dollars in spending over a time-period of slightly less than 3 years.


Please keep in mind that for every entry on this database, there is a check that is written to a vendor that is doing business with MPS.


We need your help to sort through this massive document to find the most outrageous spending by MPS.


The sheer amount of spending by MPS is stunning in itself yet, when you look at the actual entries, it becomes staggering.  We call it the "GASP Project" because it will literally leave you breathless.


Make sure that you check out the entries under items such as Beverly Hills Limousine Service and check out the amount of catering being done by MPS schools.  I will tell you that they appear to be eating very well, on our taxpayer dime.  They also appear to be traveling to some very nice places and staying in some very nice hotels, again, on our taxpayer dime.


Please keep in mind that about 1/2 of your property tax dollars goes towards supporting public schools.  The MPS board has recently voted to increase your taxes by 14.6% and it was nearly the same amount last year.


While I'm sure that most of the spending is legitimate, it is the spending on what appears to be frivolous items that will raise your eyebrows and hopefully move you to take action.


If you want more information on a particular item, you will need to file an Open Records Request to obtain the receipt for that item.  We have included an Automatic Open Records Generator on our site for your convenience. 


If you are angry about this excessive spending (and you should be) please do more than just get angry, please take action.  Submit an Open Records Request, to get more information.  Call your Alderman or the Mayor and demand that they change the way that MPS operates.  Contact your State Senator or State Rep. and demand that they change the way that MPS does business.


Forward this information to your friends, neighbors and relatives and ask them to take action also.


If you do nothing, MPS will continue down the path that they are currently on, which is more spending and more failure.


Thank You,


Orville Seymer


We have an “Automatic Open Records Generator” in which you simply plug in the Vendor Name, date, dollar amount and invoice number where available and send it off to MPS and you should have the receipt in about 2 weeks.


This is a massive database and it is far too large for any single person to sort through.  I sincerely hope that some of you will actually pull some of the receipts that are questionable (There are thousands to choose from) and keep the pressure on MPS to change the way they do business.


Please keep in mind that about 1/2 of your property tax dollars go to MPS.  It is up to the people of Milwaukee to hold MPS accountable.  Mr. Andrew Tax All of Us actually suggested the accountability word today at a Milwaukee Press Club luncheon.  Let’s make sure that he feels the heat as the cold Wisconsin winter begins to creep in.


CRG Network is launching the next of their searchable databases:  Milwaukee Public Schools. 


Today's TMJ 4 has aired an exclusive I-Team report on the same subject on their Nov. 18th 10 p.m. news.


This is from the CRG Network website:  "Relying on Open Records laws, volunteer database and Internet professionals, and grant money from persons and organizations interested in promoting greater government transparency and accountability, CRG Network has embarked on an effort to publish all government spending in the State of Wisconsin in a series of online, searchable databases known as the Government Accountability in Spending Project (GASP).  It is our hope that by making it easier for average citizens to track government spending, they will take a greater interest in government, ask more questions, and demand greater accountability in spending.  After all, it really is your money.  Now you can quickly find out what it was spent on.


GASP is being funded by the Citizens for Responsible Government Foundation, CRG Network's 501c3 educational institution. Charitable donations to this project are tax deductible.  Those wishing to support the project can forward checks to CRG Foundation, Inc., PO Box 371086, Milwaukee, WI 53237 or contribute online by CLICKING HERE.  Be certain to specify your donation is for the Government Accountability in Spending Project (GASP).  If you would like to work with CRG to add your unit of government to the list call our volunteer line at 414-801-0800.


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