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The tearing down of masculinity in the U.S.


While listening to Vicki McKenna’s show a few weeks ago, she talked about “The tearing down of masculinity in the U.S.” and she had callers calling in talking about how commercials poke fun of men. 


Vicki’s Podcast


This reminded me of a college discussion talking about “White Man TV Commercials.” 


With all of this talk about race relations and gay issues, I thought it was time to post this thought after Vicki’s show.


Okay, first I need you to turn your TV on.  Keep one eye on the TV while you read this. 


Most of you thought I would have a link or video inserted.  I don’t have to, 60-70% of TV commercials on air and 30% of commercials on the radio poke fun of the white man.


During my time at college, I talked to my professor in marketing about this some years ago.  I asked him “Why do most TV commercials poke fun or make the white male look bad?  Just watch and you will see that the woman or any other race other than white male will be the smart person and making the white male look stupid.”


He told me, the “White man” is the undesirable mainstream and TV uses that edge to focus on the other groups.  He went onto say it started in the early 70’s with the Woman’s movement.


I have found this to be unacceptable; yet not many people have noticed or care.  Just another one of the society’s double standards for no reasonable reason.


Now if you already didn’t know, watch for it and you will see it!


One of Vicki’s callers noticed the poking fun of men and my college professor took that one-step further that the white male will be the one poked fun of.  If we want to move beyond race issues and sex equality, we need to stop putting down men in commercials as a small step forward.  We now will have a mixed race president as a large step forward, but it takes all steps forward to move large and small.

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