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Guest Blog - Mayor Ryan McCue Do the Right Thing This Time

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My name is Jeff and I have done guest blogs before.  I currently run The Right View Wisconsin blog.


Mayor Ryan McCue do the right thing this time and don’t hold up the Wal-Mart or fully explain yourself.


The Mayor of Cudahy, Mr. Ryan McCue has stated in public on the record that, “Wal-Mart itself is not asking for any TIF subsidy.”  The Wave Center however was the one looking for 10 Million in TIF money.  That was brought down to just over 1.65 million.  So unless there is another request for money, there is NO taxpayer-subsidized Wal-Mart requested in Cudahy.  Period!  Let all of us understand that clearly and concisely.


Now the Wave Center component is no longer an option being brought to the table, just Wal-Mart itself.


The people of Cudahy want this Wal-Mart.  That is why it passed before and the support at meetings has been more for it than against.  Now that the Wave Center is no longer a taxpayer drain, the Mayor Ryan McCue should not have an issue of the Wal-Mart.  No taxpayer money is being used.


If there is money requested by Wal-Mart because something has changed or was not explained correctly the first time, then the Mayor of Cudahy, Mr. Ryan McCue, needs to speak up and explain it to the people. 


He could use this blog, which would be fine.  Cudahy’s city website would be fine!  The Milwaukee Journal would be fine!  Heck, a radio interview would be fine!  Randy’s friend Jay Weber on WISN radio would love to have him on. 


Passing it on through someone else or a phone call does not cut it because he can deny it later.


This is an open letter to the Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue.


Dear Mayor of Cudahy, Mr. Ryan McCue,


Please stand up and make yourself be heard!  Become a leader!  Represent the people of your community!  If you take a position, like Wal-Mart, don’t be afraid to speak out and explain yourself.  Yes, explain yourself though.  If you truly feel passionate about something, you need to explain it to others in a manor that will not jeopardize and impending lawsuits.  It can be done and is done every day around the world.


If you cannot back your actions, in public and in writing, then YOU probably know that what you are doing is wrong or not what the people of Cudahy want or what your community needs.


Mayor, have you seen the movie “The American President”? 


Please read this dialogue and switch the words “Mayor” for “President” and “city” for “country.”


The President sits back and ignores what his opponent, Bob Rumson, is saying about him, as his poll numbers continue to fall.


His friends and advisers A.J and Lewis finally lose their patients with the president and the following is spoken:


A.J. "The President doesn't answer to you, Lewis."


Lewis "Oh yes, he does, A.J.  I'm a citizen, this is my president, and in this country it is not only permissible to question our leaders, it is our responsibility.  But you already know that, Mr. President, because you have a deeper love of this country than any man I've ever known, and I want to know what it says to you that in the past seven weeks 59 percent of Americans have begun to question your patriotism?"


Shepherd "Look, if people want to listen to Bob Rumson--"


Lewis: "They don't have a choice!  Rob Rumson's the only one doing the talking.  People want leadership.  And in the absence of genuine leadership, they will listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone.  They want leadership, Mr. President.  They're so thirsty for it, they'll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there's no water, they'll drink the sand."


Shepard: "Lewis, we've had Presidents who were beloved, who couldn't find a coherent sentence with two hands and a flashlight.  People don't drink the sand, 'cause they're thirsty, Lewis.  They drink it 'cause they don't know the difference."


It’s your turn Mayor!  Stand up and be heard, be a LEADER, be THE MAYOR OF CUDAHY!  Or the people WILL send you home and find a real leader!


A taxpayer-subsidized Wal-Mart in Cudahy?  No it is not!

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