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The Long Road to a Cudahy Wal-Mart

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Wal-Mart…a word and a place that simply makes some happy and others mad. 


It causes some to protest against and others to fight for it. 


It can cause normally rational people to do irrational things like vandalism of property of those supporting it. 


It can cause outrage of a community that where the majority wants it and a few in power that don’t to spark an interest in the open record requests and the recall process.  (That necessarily is not a bad thing as a wake up call to the city and the people to have an understanding of the checks and balances the people have)


CudahyNOW reported that “Funding shortage derails Cudahy Station project”


With the recent money crunch and stock decline, Continental Properties, the developer of the Shops at Cudahy Station, has failed to secure the funds and financing necessary to get the project off the ground as planned.


With the retail that is already on the complex (Walgreen’s) why not allow the Wal-Mart to be built and then have the rest built after.  Wal-Mart is not asking for taxpayer’s money.  The people of Cudahy want the Wal-Mart!  It doesn’t matter where on the map in Cudahy, the people want it.


I hammered on the master plan in how we can allow retail there on the site since it already has some.  The city cannot hide behind the master plan to mask their dislike of Wal-Mart personally.  The betterment of the city is what is important, not someone’s personal distain for Wal-Mart.

 It would be nice if Mayor Ryan McCue would take his own advice that he gave while talking on the subject of the Thirsty Mouse:  Mayor Ryan McCue said the makeup of the city committees were put in place several years ago, and that some of the city’s charter ordinances need to be changed.  (Remember the master plan that said no big box retail and destination)


“One thing that I would caution members of the Common Council on is to withhold judgment (It would have been nice for Mayor McCue to withhold judgment on Wal-Mart)  (of The Thirsty Moose) until all the facts are brought in front of you,” he said. “Everyone is in America needs an unbiased and fair trail, so please keep your comments to yourself until you hear all the evidence.”


Those were strong words that hopefully, over the year, Mayor McCue has changed and now takes to heart.


Everything makes sense after the fact in seeing the future.


We are never going back to the town of Mayberry with Mom and pop stores dotting the way.  Those days are gone for good!


We all wish and would like to hold on to the dream that our community could and still is Mayberry.  Wal-Mart is not the evil place that those detractors would like to paint them as.  We can try and live in fictional Mayberry or in the realism of Cudahy where Wal-Mart fits right in!


Just build the damn thing, already.


Ever-changing Cudahy plan morphs into Wal-Mart


The Cudahy Wal-Mart has a second shot without the Wave Center.  Let us hope Mayor McCue understands that Cudahy needs and wants this Wal-Mart.


My friend Jay Weber of WISN talking about the Cudahy Wal-Mart and Mayor Ryan McCue in this podcast.


Podcast here - The plans for a Walmart in Cudahy are on again.




Town Chases Out Wal-Mart; Gets Insufferable Recycling Plant Instead


Pennsylvania: Residents in Plainfield County recently chalked up what they thought was a neighborhood-saving move by spending years chasing out Wal-Mart, which was planning on building a new store.  Instead, they got a noise-polluting recycling plant.


The site now creates wall-shaking explosions and noises that resemble a freight train on a daily basis.  A fire last week at the plant rose tensions even higher between residents.  Developer Nolan A. Perin says he is being unfairly blamed.


He says $200k was spent to quell the noise and that he doesn't understand all the criticism over the plant, which is in an industrial park.  Residents say they weren't notified, but since it is zoned for it, no additional approvals were necessary.



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