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Updated - The War over Wal-Mart

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Cudahy Wal-Mart - Just to keep you up to speed




The Cudahy Common Counsel had a meeting with Continental Properties Tuesday night (item number 3 on agenda) and the vote was split 2/2 and Mayor McCue casted the tie breaking vote against the Wal-Mart sending away 300 jobs in a time when malls are closing across the nation and here was a company wanting to build in Cudahy of all places.  (We have a vacancy when district four alderman Sean Smith stepped down earlier)


Now just as I talked about before many people thing that Wal-Mart is better suited for the land on Layton and Pennsylvania site with Cobalt Partners as the builder.  Lisa Nelson of Wal-Mart publicly stated at the meeting that Wal-Mart in not interested in that spot.  Many think that location is best because it is much further away from the Ice Port site and downtown.


While waiting for the meeting to start (it started late because of a personal finance meeting before it) I asked people how far away they thought the Layton and Pennsylvania site was from the Ice Port site.  I also asked if they live around either one (I do.  I live in between them and just blocks away from the Ice Port) and the answers will blow you away.


One person told me that the two are 10 miles away and NO they don’t live around it.  Another told me that 6 miles away and NO.  Then I was told 3 miles away and again NO.


So the real answer is .6 miles away!  That is six-tenths of a mile away!


Some companies (like Wal-Mart) thrive despite recession

Retailers post sales drop but Wal-Mart surprises


Some people in attendance at the CC meeting were worried that as a company Wal-Mart is not stable.  I think that is just another misinformed person.


Some people were worried that what if Wal-Mart leaves after x amount of years, that would be taking up in the developer agreement where Wal-Mart would post money to either find someone to fill the vacancy or tear down the building.


Now it was brought up that the Master Plan said no big box downtown.  First, the Ice Port is not downtown.  Second, the Master Plan is old and is currently being rewritten.  Also it is flexible.  YES FLEXIBLE.  If the Common Counsel wants to put a big box on that site, it can vote that way.


Now let us get back to the Layton and Pennsylvania site with Cobalt Partners as the builder.  First Wal-Mart has an agreement with Continental Properties and if they started, talking in public with Cobalt Partners about their site and placing a Wal-Mart on it lawsuits can start up.


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Look back at my post where Cobalt Partners state the fact of Wal-Mart on that site.  Scott J. Yauck of Cobalt wanted to have clarification about the site


Now in the past Cobalt Partners had contacted Wal-Mart about the Layton and Pennsylvania site (2007) and Wal-Mart was interested but the cleanup of that site was too high of a cost along with the type of fill would require posts/pillars in the construction costs thus increasing the total costs of the project.


Again, Lisa Nelson of Wal-Mart was at the meeting last night and confirmed that Wal-Mart is not interested in the Layton and Pennsylvania site.  I will place up the audio of the meeting tonight.


At the time, there is no news story with the other site and NO bidding war for Wal-Mart as one of the Cudahy Alderman would like to think.


Now on to the removal of the Ice Port Shell


(Item number 4 on agenda)  They did vote to take bids raze the ice port building and who do you think will have to pay if more contamination is found under the ice port structure – the Cudahy taxpayers!  Here Wal-Mart and Continental Properties were going to pay to clean up the land.


Wal-Mart is not getting the land for free, as some people would like to think.  They will be paying Continental Properties for it and helping to pay for site cleanup.


Please listen to Jay Weber’s show on the Cudahy Wal-Mart


Here is Jay Weber’s Wednesday December 3, 2008 podcast of it.  Click Here  Hear Cudahy Alderperson Thomas Pavlic comments on the Wal-Mart


Here is Jay Weber’s Thursday December 4, 2008 podcast of it.  Click Here  Hear Cudahy Alderperson Mary Schissel’s comments on the Wal-Mart

The Vicki McKenna Show on the Cudahy Wal-Mart - Podcast Click Here

I think it is now time for Mayor McCue to answer questions in public.  The veil of secrecy has been lifted with regards to the Cudahy Alderpersons since they contacted my friend Jay Weber.  It would be nice if the two other Alderperson who did vote in favor of listening to the offer and the MOU to speak to Jay Weber.


I do think that Mayor McCue didn’t even follow his own advice -  "We need to sit down as a city and figure it out and sit down with Continental and see where we're at," Mayor Ryan McCue said.


Did McCue “sit down with Continental and see where we're at”?  NO!


If you notice in that article a small business owner who is right next door is not afraid of the big bad Wal-Mart.

Since the Mayor had the final say on "land use" (ha ha ha) WALMART, on the Sportsites property, it would be great if he would now answer a couple of questions.


1.   What opportunity costs have the city missed, with waiting 18 months to Restart for foreclosure proceedings on Sportsites?  Remember the word Restart, because in April 2007, the city was over 10 months into foreclosure action.


2.   How much time and money has been wasted in working on the Wal-Mart Plan?  How many dollars in outside attorneys have been used?  How much has it cost to have Ehlers & Associates review the financials?  How much has it cost to have VandeWalle weigh in on the proposed Wal-Mart, Wave proposal? 


3.  Once the city gets initially back into court, how long will it take to get the land back?


4.  How much more in attorney's fees will this cost?


5.  What other development will Oak Creek get (new post office and I think the Wal-Mart), St. Francis get (Cardinal Stritch University, Brew Pub), will Cudahy spends its time tied up in court, after waiting 2 years?  Maybe the development in Cudahy is just at city hall like the Mayor’s new office.


6.  What land use does the Mayor propose on this site, and when will it happen?


Here is what Continental Properties had to say after the vote – “The project isn't necessarily dead as a result of the vote.  But, as the delays pile up, "the less likely it is to happen," said Steve Wagner, Continental's vice president for retail leasing.


"We're evaluating all of our options," Wagner said today.”


Sorry, but it is my opinion that Wal-Mart will NOT come back for the Penn and Layton site, as Cudahy, including the Mayor, has slapped them in the face, once again! 



Here are some emails I received the last few days:

Hi Randy, We just cannot seem to progress is this city.  It is so sad.  Oak Creek has new buildings it seems every other month.  Did it take 10 years for them to work all of their plans out, I don't think so. What are we doing wrong?  Let's get all the big wigs in Cudahy to have a meeting with the Oak Creek planning commission, they are doing something right, maybe we need to hear what they do. It seems some people are getting paid for doing nothing for the city of Cudahy.  Just a thought.   It will be nice to hear how it went, but I do not get my hopes up.  Some people would rather that we have this huge hole in the ground instead of a Wal-Mart.  HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS.


Randy did you know this, “The champions really love Wal-Mart, she said, and they make up about 29 percent of shoppers, tending to be younger families.  The enthusiasts are 27 percent of shoppers who are typically older and on fixed incomes, they also look at Wal-Mart as a trusted advocate looking out for them. The conflicted are 15 percent of shoppers who tend to be boomer families. The reason we call them 'conflicted' is because they're very Wal-Mart negative.  And they don't like (Wal-Marts) for political and societal reasons.  They feel that Wal-Marts are killing off mom-and- pop shops, losing jobs, et cetera, [senior vice president and director of brand equities at FCB Paula] Ausick said. However, this group shopped at Wal-Mart 5.6 times in the past four weeks.  They're the second-highest most frequent shopper of Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart rejecters are 29 percent of shoppers.  They tend to be dual-income, no-kid families.  And they shop Wal-Mart about once every four months.”



What's the status of recalling these individuals?  Between the Wal-Mart idiocy and the pitbull nonsense, these NIMBYs need to go.

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