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J/S admits it was dumb to turn away Wal-Mart

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I included a snippet of the editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Please read all of it at the link below.  In addition, the J/S wants to hear from you.


Are Cudahy officials doing the right thing?  To be considered for publication as a letter to the editor, e-mail your opinion to the Journal Sentinel editorial department.


A good shout out to Alderman Joe Mikolajczak for wanting to listen to what was offered and giving is opinion publicly.  We can only hope someone like Alderman Joe Mikolajczak runs against Mayor McCue and brings real Pro-business atmosphere to Cudahy.


Even the Journal thinks Cudahy is wrong to reject Wal-Mart - Jay Weber’s Podcast on this Click here


If not this, then what?


The city's rejection of a Wal-Mart Supercenter means that officials need to redouble their efforts to find someone to develop a site that has sat idle for too long.


City officials in Cudahy have been doing a fine job in the past several years of attracting quality developments and burnishing the city's image.  The new Cudahy is no longer the Cudahy of old - and there are good things about that.  Mayor Ryan McCue and the Common Council are right to seek more such opportunities when they can.


But we remain skeptical that the council's rejection of a Wal-Mart Supercenter was in the city's best interest, especially in the current economy.  As Ald. Joseph Mikolajczak put it last week, when the council rejected a proposed memorandum of understanding with a developer, "Somebody actually wants to come to your city and develop something - even though it's a Wal-Mart - and bring 300 jobs, it's hard to say no."


The alderman, who voted for the memorandum, also pointed out that the developer, Continental Properties, would have paid to raze the partially finished, rusting Iceport structure on the site now and do an environmental cleanup.


Three hundred jobs, a solid economic enterprise and cleanup of a site that has sat vacant for years, a site for which there have been many proposals but no actual development.  Letting it sit vacant for more years doesn't strike us as a particularly good idea.  And there is nothing inherently wrong with a one-stop, low-cost shopping center that could spur economic activity.



Wal-Mart Has "Tens of Thousands" of Wiis Up for Grabs

Wal-Mart is gearing up for the Christmas season by offering the ever-elusive Nintendo Wii console in the "tens of thousands".  The console is on sale at the retail giant's web site, in its basic form and as different bundles. A "Wii Fit" Bundle, which includes an extra remote control, as well as the accessory starter kit and Wii Fit Balance Board is already sold out, though everything else is still listed as available. The Wii console is selling for US$249.24 on its own.



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