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Cudahy Wal-Mart - The Unreal Story

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Before I get into the meat and potatoes of the post, here is Jay Weber’s pod cast on Wal-Mart and cleanup of the Iceport site.  We truly have to thank God for giving us Jay Weber.  Please listen to his show as he always has interesting and thought provoking topics.


Dec.10 Cudahy taxpayers may be stuck cleaning up the property that the proposed Wal-Mart developers would have handled Click Here


Now onto business.


Let us ponder hypothetically that Cudahy Alderperson Thomas Pavlic did have some direct or indirect knowledge that Wal-Mart has been talking to Cobalt Partners about the Layton and Pennsylvania site behind closed doors in private. 


Now Cudahy Alderperson Thomas Pavlic e-mails Jay Weber and Jay reads the email over the air so information which may have needed to be kept private has been let out twice.  Once in the email in the first place and then over the airwaves.


Could Continental Properties ask Jay Weber for the email or a copy of the email as evidence that the City of Cudahy was not acting in good faith?  YES! 


If I were Steve Wagner of Continental Properties, I would be requesting that from WISN radio and Jay Weber.  Of course, they'd have to wrangle with station lawyers over it, I assume.  I have no idea what their policy is.  Jay Weber might have already deleted it for all we know. 


I would have to think that the Pavlic email would be information from a 'source' and the station would protect it and make Continental try to wrangle it out of the Clear Channel lawyers.  It's part of a much larger stance/process that media outlets need to take so they are not inundated by lawsuit requests for info, etc.


However, since this was a City of Cudahy elected official, it might just be easier to go the route of open record requests.  If the alderman did it from the governmental email address or signed it as an alderman or Cudahy city representative, a simple open records request could be done.  I do know that upsets some people that read my blog, but it is the way for checks and balances to force a fairer, transparent, and honorable government.  Sometimes people only do the right thing when people are watching.  Sometimes the city people need a reminder that they work for us!


This email and submission of meetings with a different developer would be in violation to the agreement Wal-Mart has with Continental Properties about placing a Wal-Mart on the Iceport site.  This could mean another lawsuit is waiting in the wings.  (Why does the City of Cudahy seem to be possibility involved with so much legal action?  Do other cities have this much problems with lawsuits?)


What else does the email do? 


What if Cobalt wants to sue the city over it now?  Lost opportunity!  We the taxpayers get the shaft again.


It might have killed any deal that could have included that location because if I was Wal-Mart, I would not want to be sued for breach of contract.  Would you?


Remember, we are all talking hypothetically with what ifs and I am not stating any facts, just conjecture.


Is it possible that the information was leaked to deep six any chance of Wal-Mart coming to Cudahy?


With this information of a second deal in the open, even before the first deal is dead, which would taint Wal-Mart making them, pull out of the second location. Again, this is speculation and I am not stating facts.  While I would like a Wal-Mart in Cudahy at any location, but letting the cat out of the bag makes it nearly impossible.  Could that have been the real intent all a long?  Was the person that released this info for or against Wal-Mart?


While this definitely crosses over into the conspiracy column, it should be thought about.


If the CDA voted to start the foreclosure, could a lawsuit with the new information about a deal struck with Cobalt/Wal-Mart and a bidding war that the city would hope to ensue cause a judge to give an injunction to stop the RFP (Request for Proposal) of demolition of the Iceport shell?  Could be grounds to do so! 


If it was true (Cobalt, the City of Cudahy and Wal-Mart working on a back door, closed-door deal), does the city understand that some information is not meant to be public? 


If it was true, I am sure Mayor McCue had a long talk with those city people involved.  Remember I did a post called “Gag Order”.


Loose lips sink ships!  -  Millions volunteered or were drafted for military duty during World War II.  The majority of these citizen-soldiers had no idea how to conduct themselves to prevent inadvertent disclosure of important information to the enemy.  To remedy this, the government established rules of conduct.


Sometimes, we have to be kept in the Noir, while others we should know what is going on.


Now there has been a calling for the Layton and Pennsylvania site because of the new post office being built in Oak Creek, but will not most workers be taking the 794 Parkway driving to and fro, thus bypassing the Wal-Mart entrance and not driving passed the entrance as some people have stated?


Here is an idea!  Keep in mind we are talking what ifs!


What if the city truly does want the land back so the city could develop it itself with taxpayer’s money and then try to sell the developed property? 


What if it was the plan all along to move the City Hall, Police Station and high school to that location and sell the real prime and pristine real estate that those currently occupy? 


What if the city built the train station in hopes that the RTA and sales tax would pay back the city after it was built?


Would we have to as a city say, “We built the station so we must fund the train or else it was a wasted effort and money.  So we cannot stop now!”  Would that inspire a legacy or a citizen’s revolt?


Sometimes the “Rumor Mill” transforms talk to truth.


Again, this is wild speculations on my part.  Just trying to be thought provoking since a cat could have been let out of the bag.  If it is an idea floating around, we cannot continue the economically dangerous trend of spending beyond our means.


I also understand that frivolous lawsuits are not the answer!  What is the answer is doing the right thing the first time.   I said this before that the city officials have to take their personal feelings out and take a step back and allow common sense to step in.


Sometimes common sense is not the way to go, this just happens NOT to be one of those times.  Here the common sense approach is the right way.


A friend of mine told me, “I'm just getting a kick out of the fact that we have them all scrambling and riled up!  Huzzah!”


Ask yourself these important questions:


“What’s a realistic assessment of the future growth potential here?”


“Can Cudahy pull out of the tailspin it is in?”


“Have they forgotten all about the simple answer while looking for the exotic solution?”


“Are you willing to give up something that is for some that may never be?”


In my opinion, Mayor McCue didn’t give Cudahy a present, he stole the Christmas presents just like in the Dr. Seuss' “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” story.  We all remember the story of a grumpy hermit hatches a plan to steal Christmas from the Whos of Whoville.  Also remember in the end, the Grinch did the right thing by the people and returned all the presents and trust.  Let us hope it happens in Cudahy as well.


This should not be a surprise and how long will the legal fight last?


Ice Port land owner to fight foreclosure


An attorney who represents the owner of land in Cudahy where a Wal-Mart Supercenter was proposed said today the city will be in for a legal fight if it tries to proceed with foreclosure on the land.


Milwaukee attorney Brad Hoeschen, who represents the land owner, Sportsites LLC, accused the city of delaying action on the Supercenter proposal before the Common Council ultimately rejected it last week.


At the same meeting, the council decided to resume foreclosure proceedings against Sportsites on the property.


"We absolutely intend to contest (the foreclosure) because we don't think the city acted in good faith," Hoeschen said.


Sportsites had planned to develop an ice arena complex on the 26-acre site, which is south of Layton Avenue between Nicholson Avenue and Sweet Applewood Lane.  After the partially constructed project failed, the city started foreclosure proceedings.  But the city agreed to hold off after Continental Properties, a Menomonee Falls developer, proposed to buy the site and develop the Supercenter.


Continental Properties originally proposed a soccer training complex to go with the Supercenter.  But after Continental changed its plan and said it might pursue the soccer complex after building the Supercenter, the council voted down the proposal, 3-2.


Mayor Ryan McCue declined comment on Hoeschen's statements.  He said the city can resume legal proceedings on the foreclosure if that action is approved tonight by the Cudahy Community Development Authority.


Steve Wagner, Continental's vice president for retail leasing, said the company is continuing to weigh its options on whether to make another Supercenter proposal to the city.

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