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Cudahy Wal-Mart - The Failed Frontier

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Here is the WTMJ 620 Jeff Wagner Show talking about the Cudahy Wal-Mart listen to the Cudahy callers in what they have to say.  The Wal-Mart District Regional Manager also called in.


Jeff Wagner Show - Thursday, 12/11/08 Hour 1


Pod Cast Click Here


Jeff Wagner Show - Thursday, 12/11/08 Hour 2


Pod Cast Click Here


Here is an email I received:

"To the Mayor and Alderpersons,


OK people, what is your major malfunction? 


You have once again said no to progress and have sent Walmart packing.  What is the real issue here?  Don't give that nonsense about Walmart's wages because you are talking about putting a specialty coffee house in there.  Those are not exactly family supporting wages that they pay in coffee shops. 


You have also mentioned a possible hotel.  Well, I wasn't aware that hotel developers were lined up to put a brand new hotel in Cudahy.  Besides, the cleaning staff and other employees of most hotels would be surprised to find out that they are well paid.  I know people who work in the hotel industry.  To hear them tell it, the compensation they receive makes Walmart look extremely generous. 


So, we have now made it very clear that Walmart's wages are NOT the issue, but merely a smoke screen because you do not want to be honest about your real objections.  Cudahy residents will continue to shop at Walmart.  Whether in Cudahy, Franklin or Milwaukee. 


You have sent a very clear message to the citizens of Cudahy:  we will not give you a decent place to shop, but we will make sure you can get a good cup of coffee on your way out of town to Walmart. 


I have absolutely no financial stake in this at all.  I wonder if those of you who voted against Walmart can make the same declaration. 


We are stuck with a third rate Kmart and nothing else.  The failed Iceport made Cudahy a laughing stock.  You had the chance to do something intelligent and failed.  The region is still laughing at us.  When are you people going to wake up and get with the program? 


If you had a better idea for the site than Walmart, that would be fine.  But you don't!  A coffee shop?  Give me a break!  The attempt to develop that site has been going on for too long. 


First, the stupid Iceport debacle and now a sound plan that makes a great deal of sense.  It isn't too late to do the right thing.  Call Walmart and ask them to come back.  Tell them that three of you, lead by our illustrious mayor, were having severe brain cramps when you voted.  They'll believe it!  I know I do.  To both of you who voted properly, don't let the brain dead lead you astray."


Side Note - Joe Henika was appointed to the Board of Review at the 1st Council meeting in May.  I saw that after they put the minutes on line.  Maybe that is why he is leading the move Wal-Mart to another location charge, however, his constant pounding about the taxpayers, as well as not giving Kasten a dime, are a bit conflicting. 


In the event of a tie, the Mayor is legally entitled to vote a tiebreaker, but he is not required to. 


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