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Cudahy Common Council Meeting Dec 2nd, 2008 (includes audio file)

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Here is the audio file from the Cudahy Common Council meeting Tuesday December 2, 2008.


People I am sorry that the blog posts have been all Wal-Mart, I do have some non-Wal-Mart ones coming, but a lot more Wal-Mart ones.  Some more speculation and thoughts.


Audio File of Meeting



For those that could not make it to the last meeting you can download or just listen to the audio of it.  Pay close attention to Alderperson Thomas Pavlic’s comments throughout the meeting.  He seems confused to what he wants. 


It seems the Wave Center was not important to him?  What about his people in the district?  Seems he is forgetting about them!


He wants the Iceport gone and he ran on that to get elected, but isn’t Wal-Mart willing to take it down and not costing the taxpayers money?  So going with the project does raze the building!


It is also clear that Alderperson Mary Schissel doesn’t realize that the proposal does include a hotel down the road and specialty shops which could include a coffee shop.


It is odd that both of them say their district's people don’t want the Wal-Mart and it would be nice if they could back that up, but I just think they personally don’t want the Wal-Mart.


This part is a what if and wild speculation on my part.


What if Wal-Mart dares not to build in Cudahy, but instead are making a pitch for Oak Creek right next to Master Lock on Howell Ave a sort of plan b?


Here is the ironic thing if that were to happen! 


If that would come to take place, Cudahy Alderperson Thomas Pavlic’s daytime job is at Master Lock and he would have to see his hand in it landing there.  (Would he shop it? You bet he would, unless he is a Wal-Mart hater!)


Imagine Pavlic having to look at the Wal-Mart every time he went to and from work, possibly every time he looks out his office window!  Karma!


I was told that there is interest in Alderperson’s statement of “...I have been waiting for two years for this to happen...” in regards to item number 4 on agenda of discussion and appropriate action regarding razing of the Ice Port structure and the ongoing foreclosure litigation as relates to prior agenda item.  57:03 is where you want to listen.


People, it could be worse than having a Mayor who chooses not to explain his rational of objections or even give a clear direction of what to do!


Yelm, Wash. town council bans talk of Wal-Mart

By Michael Hampton

Posted: July 9, 2005 4:10 am

Updated: July 15, 2005 2:12 pm


The town of Yelm, Wash., has banned the use of the words “Wal-Mart,” “big-box store” and “moratorium” at its town council meetings.  Anyone who says these words is immediately silenced.


Wal-Mart has applied to build a superstore in the town, which had a population of 3,289 in the 2000 census.


It’s the council’s meeting.  They can decide what they want to hear and what they’re tired of hearing.  You can understand if you’re barraged for two months at meetings — the same people saying the same thing.  — Brent Dille, municipal attorney


Er, maybe the reason they keep saying the same things is the town council keeps completely ignoring its citizens?  This is a complete violation of the right of redress of grievances, and the ACLU of Washington has sent a letter to the town council warning that the ban is unconstitutional.

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