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Open Record Requests

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While open record requests for public information is new to Cudahy and the City Hall people, it is not a new thing in most cities.  I had the chance to meet a few fellow bloggers recently and many of them do them all the time.  While there is a link on the city website, it is not easily found. 


So here it is:


I am also told that many times in years past the form might not have been used and if you requested something, the city would just give it to you without filling it out.


In Cudahy, the people doing the open requests are looked bad upon and chastised, they should be applauded.  A few people do not want things to be looked into.  Why is what you must ask yourself?  The city should not be making filling the request hard as it is give just about the highest priority.


What has been requested you might ask?


For one is email.  I was told that the city wants to charge $175 an hour to pull the emails together.  Talking to my counterparts, that cost is way too much, just as Orville Seymer of CRG has stated as well. 


I was told Orville showed the City of Cudahy how the data is to be collected and transferred to a CD.  I listed below a few links of a fellow blogger who has done an open records request for email and included a recall blog she did.


Attorney Brad Hoeschen, who represents Sportsites, said an open records request was submitted to Eberhardy, requesting to inspect city e-mails.


Folks we need to get used to these open record requests because from here on out, I do think people running for Mayor or any elected position will be doing them.  I know I would be.  I would check emails, phone records, gift contributions, text messages and the likes.  This is called “Data Mining” and is not a witch-hunt.  Once more it is not a fishing expedition for engaging in a witch-hunt but a legal process to make information and the government more transparent and honest!


Again, while many people think open record requests are a bad thing and waste money, it is quite the opposite.  It is a tool to make sure the city public servants are honest.  It is a check and balance system.  It is something that will be used from now on.  It is something the city of Cudahy needs to just accept and live with.  The public is no longer going to sit back and be in the dark. 


Some things are online and it is nice to over look whom people are connected to or where money goes.


Campaign Finance Report


City of Franklin blogger open record requests.  Notice how detailed they are.  I have been asked to place up the records that has already been done for Cudahy like the Credit Card statements, work calendar, and phone number dump.




Side Notes - During the summer, for those who did not know that deputy clerk / confidential secretary Judy Masarak quit, I would like to thank her for her service and helping me in the past.


The city brought back Carolyn Thoms-Neary as director of office services. 

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