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"Write-In" candidate for Cudahy 4th District Alderperson seat

Cudahy, Election, Local Government

Tina Dondajeski of the Patrick Cudahy Park Friends group has decided to run for the Fourth District Alderperson seat in the Jan. 20 special election as a “Write-In” candidate to fill a vacancy on the Cudahy Common Council from when Sean Smith resigned.


Eighth District County Supervisor Pat Jursik suggested she run for the spot when Mr. Smith first resigned, but home improvements diverted her attention from the race. 


After recently reading there would be only one candidate running for the position, she contacted City Hall to see if she could still be considered to being placed on the ballot. 


She was told that she could run as a "write-in" candidate and just needed to complete some paperwork at City Hall. 


She has filled out the proper paper work and would like to get the word out.  I consider her a friend and think she has a lot to offer.


She would like to have a debate with Jason Litkowiec who is on the ballot seeking the fourth district alderperson seat as well.  The topics Tina would like to see are all on the City of Cudahy such as, "Why do you want to be alderperson,” “What problems do you see facing the City of Cudahy” and “What is your the vision of how to fix them?”.


Tina feels she would like to give something back to the community and would like to have a voice in the issues facing Cudahy.


You might see Tina at Cudahy Park as I have many times this past summer, I would call it her second home.  Her name also might sound familiar to you as she was chosen one of the three people in Cudahy that made a difference in 2007.  I have re-listed the article at the bottom of the post.



Some At-A-Glance information on Tina Dondajeski. 


Background - Resident of Cudahy for 12 years, married with two children in the Cudahy School District.


Occupation - Human Resource/Compliance Assistant for Symbiont in West Allis


Education - Bachelors Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix


Affiliations - Founder/President of the Patrick Cudahy Park Friends, School District of Cudahy Building Usage Committee member, Cudahy High School Parent Advisory Committee member, General Mitchell PTO member.


She would like to see Cudahy become the "City of Choice" when people are looking for a place to live or bring a business.  “Communities to the north and south of Cudahy are booming, but we seem to be stuck in a rut,” Tina told me.


Dondajeski, Hollenbeck, McCue made a difference in 2007

By Chantel Balzell

Staff Writer

Posted: Jan. 1, 2008


South Shore NOW staff selected three residents, from among many, who made a difference in Cudahy in 2007.  Those people are Tina Dondajeski, Randy Hollenbeck and Mayor Ryan McCue.


Tina Dondajeski - Improving community parks and revitalizing interest in park activities is Tina Dondajeski's bread and butter.


Since founding the Patrick Cudahy Park Friends group in January 2007, Dondajeski has organized an Easter egg hunt and fall festival at the park.


She hopes to hold more activities at the park in 2008, including a spring event in April, a wine-tasting event in June and another fall festival in October.  She is working with the Milwaukee County Parks Department to arrange movie showings in the park, too.


For winter, she is trying to get snow piles at the park on which kids can play.


"I have lots of plans," she said.  "It's just a matter of finding money and members."


The 41-year-old and mother of two said she would eventually like to see the Cudahy Park Friends, the Pulaski Park Friends and the Sheridan Park Friends groups merge into a Cudahy community park group and plan events that would alternate among the three locations.


Dondajeski said it is important to contribute to the friends groups because the county's budget is making cuts to park funding and no longer has the manpower to host activities that were once popular years ago.


"When I was a kid, Cudahy Park had an ice skating rink and toboggan sledding," she said.  "Now, everything's gone."


Already, Dondajeski has received positive feedback from residents after organizing the Easter egg hunt and fall festival.


"I'm looking forward to 2008," she said.  "It's been a learning experience, but also a lot of fun."


Tina Dondajeski can be contacted at she would be happy to hear from you!




Elections FAQ 11


What procedures, if any, must write-in candidates follow?  There are virtually no procedures or rules which specifically relate to write-in candidates for local office.  Although the lack of specific procedures and requirements relating to write-in candidates may seem puzzling at first glance, it makes sense when you consider that write-in candidates are considered candidates under state law and thus are subject to whatever requirements pertain to candidates in general.


Section 11.01(1) of the Wisconsin statutes defines “candidate” to mean “every person for whom it is contemplated or desired that votes be cast at any election held within this state whether or not the person is elected or nominated, and who either tacitly or expressly consents to be so considered.”  Thus, write-in candidates, like other candidates, are required to comply with sections 11.05(2g) and (12) of the Wisconsin statutes which require that every candidate file a campaign registration statement (Form EB-1) no later than the time that he or she becomes a candidate as defined in sec. 11.01(2) of the Wisconsin statutes.


The only statutes which specifically relate to write-ins pertain not to write-in candidates, but rather to the form of the ballot and to determining elector intent.  Spring primary ballots must allow room for write-in candidates.  Wis. Stat. sec. 5.58.  Curiously enough, the law specifically requires that villages leave sufficient space for write-in candidates under each office on spring election ballots, but does not contain a similar requirement for cities.  See sec. 5.60(5) and (3).  If the ballot card used by a municipality does not provide a space for write-in votes, the municipality is required to provide a separate write-in ballot, which may be in the form of a paper ballot, to permit electors to write in the names of persons whose names are not on the ballot whenever write-in votes are authorized.  Sec. 5.82.  The statute relating to determining elector intent with regard to write-ins is sec. 7.50(2)(d)(e) and (hm).


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