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Merry Christmas (Guest Blogger, My Wife)

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Guest Blogger - Carrie Hollenbeck (my wife)


May your Christmas be filled with joy and laughter.  May you feel the warmth of love from family and friends.  Allow your thoughts from the hustle and bustle to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.  For without the birth of Jesus Christ, we would not have miracles to believe in.  May Christmas find you and your family happy, healthy and warmhearted. 


If you have small children or grandchildren, look deep into their wide eyes in the amazement of Christmastime.  I looked into our daughter, Ria, now 2-1/2, eyes as we talked about Christmas.  As I quietly spoke to her as she was snuggled up in her bed, her eyes opened as wide as I’ve ever seen them as she listened to me talk about the days ahead.  It wasn’t the presents she was focused on, but the “wonder” of Santa.  The curiosity of how he will make it to all of her friends’ houses. 


As I continued to tell her that Santa can only come to her house if everyone is asleep, her hands moved up closer to her mouth with excitement.  She nodded enthusiastically when asked if we should leave Santa a snack.  As I kissed her goodnight, she softly said, “Santa will come and wake me up to see me”.  I quickly told her that Santa would not be able to visit as he needed to deliver all the presents to her friends and he could only do so, if they are all asleep.  She closed her eyes tight and pulled her blanket up, but with the smile on her face, I know she dreamt of him last night.


Santa is something to believe in.  As our daughter gets older, we know that someday she will no longer believe.  However, she will have replaced the fictional Santa with the true meaning of Christmas and understand why we really celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the reason we really believe in miracles.


“… the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart” –as spoken by Santa in Polar Express


Warmest Blessings,

The Hollenbecks


Christmas 2008

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