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Be Safe - The Best Smoke/CO Alarm

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The First Alert ONELINK Talking Wireless Alarms are by far the best Smoke/CO Alarm I have seen on the market.  The ones I picked up from Ace in Oak Creek was the First Alert Onelink combination smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector.


What makes the Smoke/CO Alarms the best is the fact that they talk to each other wirelessly.  So, if a fire is detected in the basement the ones on the other levels will also tell you about.  Now they are not cheap.  Each unit was 69.99 at Ace.  Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart didn’t seem to carry them at the time I bought mine in fall.  They do come in different models without the CO and such.


I should have written about this much earlier as they would have made great Christmas presents.  However, if you get some cash for Christmas I would recommend them.


Here is what the website from First Alert has to say about them.


ONELINK Talking Alarms - Tell You Where the Danger is.


ONELINK wireless alarms talk to each other and they talk to you!  Our "voice warning with location" technology means that integrated ONELINK alarms tell you where the danger is in your home with an actual voice.  For example, if there is fire in your basement, the alarm in your bedroom will speak 'Warning, Evacuate, Smoke in Basement."


ONELINK: The Earliest Warning


In an emergency, seconds count.  ONELINK integrated wireless alarms communicate with each other and sound together wherever they are located in your home, so you'll receive an earlier warning of potential danger.  This is compared to stand-alone alarms, which you may not easily hear if you are on the other side of your house or asleep.


Interconnectivity, Without the Wires!


If you want the benefits of an integrated smoke and carbon monoxide alarm system, without the cost and hassle of retrofit wiring in your home, consider a ONELINK integrated wireless alarm system.  ONELINK alarms communicate with each other wirelessly through integrated radio frequency.  When one sounds, they all sound, providing a whole-home safety network!

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