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***Special Cudahy Crime Alert***

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Please don’t forget to look at “The December poster for Milwaukee's 10 Most Wanted” post, but this information from Sgt Blunt of the Cudahy Police Department was too important not to post right away.


As some of you may know, Cudahy has been experiencing a rash of garage burglaries during the past 10 days to 2-week period, many on the north side and within the Blockwatch area of Cudahy.


The latest incident occurred at 3700 block of E. Bottsford Ave, where an unknown actor forcibly entered a locked garage and stole a snowblower and tire rims overnight.


Although no method is entirely foolproof, I believe you can greatly minimize your risk of being a victim if you consider the following:


Lock all doors to vehicles and garages.  We are still seeing way too many people leaving doors of all kinds unlocked.


In regard to vehicles, do not store valuables in the car, if at all possible.


If time and your wallet permits, consider a quality service door to your garage, preferably a steal door, with a dead bolt and no window.  Also, motion detectors can be effective and potentially deter burglars.


Pay attention.  Periodically check your locks/doors for damage or signs someone may have tried to get into your car or garage.


Report such incidents to the police.


Report suspicious activity.


MANY, MANY people observe people or vehicles they don't know or people loitering in areas around the neighborhood.  Although this does not automatically mean a person is up to no good, you are helping the police department keep tabs on who is in the neighborhood.


We cannot effectively deal with crime WITHOUT community involvement.  Simply put, if something just doesn't look right, error on the side of calling the police.  You can remain anonymous.


I hate to say it, because it may be an inconvenience, but consider locking up items such as snowblowers, lawnmowers, bicycles, etc.  WITHIN your garage.  Burglars often times try many garages before choosing a particular one to steal from.  They are usual looking for a quick steal; in and out.


Have a Happy New Year!


Sgt Blunt

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