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Gas Station Pet Peeves or Wishes

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I wish…


…all gas stations would have the option of no receipt for credit card usage at the pump.  It would save the stations money on paper because I think a good group of people would choose not to print one out.  I mean how many times have you seen "please see attendant" because it won't print your receipt?


…all gas stations would have squeegees and washer fluid actually in the squeegee bucket/holders.  Stop putting water in or watering down it because it freezes in winter!  I understand they have costs associated with it and realize when I pay $1.39 for a one liter MD that I would buy a two liter at K-Mart or Wal-Mart for that price or cheaper. 


…the people pulling into the gas stall would pull all the way through to the last one in the line instead of stopping short and making it harder for others.  Those people not pulling forward to the furthest pump when there is more than one open truly get under everyone’s skin.


…people that drive huge cars or trucks that don't pull forward far enough at the first pump leaving no room to pull into the second one behind them, basically taking up both pumps would get a clue.


…the people's inability to get close to a pump and if they do, they block the other one because the car is not straight and parallel with the pumps


…people would not be smoking while pumping gas.  Not for their own safety but others.  If they are that dumb and cannot follow directions on signs or common sense they might just deserve what they get, but others do not.


…the city and state would crack down on gas stations not putting up the price on the pylons.  At first when I contacted the state about it the problem was that the gas stations didn’t have extra number 2,3,4’s.  So with gas now back into the 1’s what is the reason?


…all gas stations would get electronic pylon signs, so the above one would not be a problem and much easier to see.


…the state would monitor gas stations more often for changing the price more than once a day.  I have contacted the state with proof numerous times with one in particular.  They send a letter not to do it again and after a few more times a small fine.


…gas stations would keep up the restrooms better!


…all the gas stations where on the pricing sign pylons where the eights are upside down in the price.  Let us not forget that the little loop goes on the top, the big loop goes on the bottom.


…all gas stations would have bulletproof glass for the tellers and very good video cameras inside and out.


…people not being considerate when you are turning back into traffic since they want to come in to the station.


…people next to you blasting their music with their Sub box would understand that we don’t need to hear it and their windows rattling


…the pumps would not ask me if I want a Car wash and ask me if I am sure


…people stealing your pump as you maneuver into position


…gas stations that when you put your card in the pump and start filling up and when you get to $50 it stops and makes you start over again.  VISA doesn’t have a problem with my $300 dollar purchase at Best Buy


…gas stations where the last open pump has a plastic bag on it and it has been that way for awhile!


…gas stations where the pumps that take an abnormally long time to fill up the gas tank.  Now I know that they do that to protect themselves from drive offs, but most stations now require prepay or credit card at pump.


…why with all of the technology they cannot make it so people don’t spill a few drops of gas on the ground putting the nozzle back


…gas stations where the attendants speak some English when you have to go in and pay or buy stuff.


…attendants, the ones that don’t speak very good English, would not be talking on the phone the entire time I am at the counter to pay.


…please don’t forget that the reason why gas stations charge so much for their beverages, candy, and other stuff is that they don't make that much money off of the gas.  Therefore, to stay in business or make a profit, they have to mark up their stuff.  Please do shop them every so often.

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