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Today's Humor

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This post is based on an email I received from an individual upset over my post “The Next Cudahy Mayor


Typically, my email comes in 3 to 1 in favor and when this one came in it was too good not to share.  It made me laugh so hard.  I don’t think that was the response they were looking for.  This email smacks of pure desperation.


Now I like it that people have their own opinions and I fully understand that people will disagree with me and I have stated that I am fine with that.  Reasonable people can agree to disagree.


Again, this comes courtesy of an out of touch Cudahy resident, who does not represent who or what Cudahy is!  I have not changed anything with their email (minus removal of their name).  I have only included my translation below in blue.


Once more, I have blanked out the name partly out of respect, but mostly out of embarrassment on their part.  I know I would not want to own up to this email or the ideals that are held up in it.


Please take the email seriously, if you can, because at first, I thought it was a joke.  However, you will see with further emails (I will share them all) they could not be more serious.


Cue the Twilight Zone theme!


Dear Randy,


  I read your rant with great interest.  My academic training from the University of Wisconsin in urban planning, urban affairs, urban geography, administrative leadership, adult education, history and governmental affairs says this.  Your understanding of society is short sighted and lacks the concept of a strategic plan.


Translation: I am better than you and nearly everyone else except those few I deem my equals.  My credentials and opinions are beyond reproach.  I am a liberal elitist.  No one who at the very least has my equivalent background can possibly understand the complexities of society, especially you as I know from your blog and my friends you're a conservative.  You will see my rant is far superior to yours for I am writing it!  When I said I read your rant with great interest, I only glanced at it for a moment because I already knew what it was about and would not waste my time actually reading it myself.


  The current administration in the City of Cudahy has the history of training in government from a city, state and federal perspective.  The current Mayor has successfully recruited new smart educated individuals who will move this City forward.  As a research scientist your "opinions" are only opinions.  If you want to educate the public with your blog, why not read research provided by the University of Wisconsin.


Translation: The current administration of Cudahy is leaning far left.  The mayor and some of his friends run in my circle and I have deemed them superior to the common people.  They've complained about you and your blog so I went online to glance at it for the first time; not open minded but instead sympathetically to the perceptions of those in my circle.  Behold by credentials again: research scientist.  Common people like yourself need to remember your place in society.  You should not speak or cause problems for your superiors for they are superior.  You should only consider speaking if you are going to support the political views and plans of your superiors, and you should look to UW research, as a left leaning educational institution, to find how you should be thinking and writing.  How the “federal perspective” I don’t know, but I will throw it in because it sounds grand.  I will state the obvious that opinions are opinions and attempt to put you down, as I know you are not a research scientist.  The only opinions that matter are mine and my friends.  Any dissenting opinions shall and will be stricken by the land of the law in a decreed set forth by me!


  Apparently, you seem to speak only to the older citizens and street people.  Have you had the opportunity to speak to the young college educated people who live in the city?  There is a core group of citizens who back the "educated strategic plans for the City."  Remember Rome was not built in a day.  All cities evolve and it takes time.  Bashing is not the appropriate response to encourage people to take action.  Assigning the blame is always the plan of the less educated.


Translation: You are stupid.  Only the poor and elderly could possibly believe your prattling.  This is because the poor, the elderly, the middle class are all extremely stupid compared to me and my ilk and shall be replaced.  They must be herded like the cattle they are by the Mayor and the "educated" like myself.  Bashing is not the appropriate response to encourage people to take action, unless they are conservative.  Anything that can be perceived as wrong in the last 8 years (Iraq, Katrina, financial crisis) should be blamed on Bush, Republicans, and Conservatives and all should be "bashed".  Any problems that occur during the Obama administration, or under Doyle as Governor aren't really problems, you're just not capable of understanding the complexities involved.  Be patient and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day.  You are proving to be incredibly articulate and politicized in a way that we do not like.  You cannot be allowed to speak your mind about issues you feel passionately about for we do not want an informed citizen uprising.  You should only speak if spoken to and Caesar and his entourage have not and will not speak to common folks like you.  You have been deemed unworthy.  You are common peasants and have no usefulness.  I have asserted blame on you simply because I can.


  Did you start this blog to get your name out there for free advertising for your political agenda?  And if you really did anything of substance for the City of Cudahy you would have been asked to author a story for our "Generations of Pride" history book.  Is your name in the book?


Translation: Here's a personal attack as I didn't know how to end this e-mail.  I'll throw out again how superior I am to you by pointing out my involvement in this Cudahy history book that most people probably haven't heard of.  Notice how I didn't point a single specific issue I disagreed with you on, just my credentials in hopes I'd impress you.  Quit bullying my liberal friends and the mayor around, you're having an impact and I don't like it.  What I tried to do is mask my lack of understanding of the topic at hand with a lot of fluff in hopes to dazzle you with information that my superior words and credentials shut you up.  I have received accolades that you could not.  I hope all of my indoctrination by liberal professors has taught me enough catch phases that I will make you look as stupid as my circle says you are.  Just give up already and come to grips with defeat at the hands of the Aristocats, no darn it that was the Disney movie, I mean aristocrats.  Again, only those deemed to my personal standards shall be allowed to have an opinion regardless of the Constitution because only properly vetted college educated professionals are allowed to have opinions because they are so much smarter than the rest of the common folks that Cudahy has.  You could join us “IF” and only “IF” I deem it so.  We are trying to setup a Utopia here and start over, but the meddling fools like yourself are getting in the way.   Soon you will see statues of me and my circle sprouting up around the city.


Name placed here

A Citizen who's actions are positive with no hidden agenda 

Translation: Liberal elitist, who judges their actions superior to the majority of the lowly people of Cudahy around them.  I must be rather conceited to repeatedly state my credentials to try to prove to you my superiority.  That or low self-esteem because I was a coddled spoiled brat.  Then I need to end that my actions are positive?  Humility is certainly not one of my qualities, not based on this e-mail anyway.  See I have to state my agenda is not hidden as a misdirection because my agenda is as clear as mud but my actions are easily seen.  I was asked to help fight the losing war with you because you don’t seem to stop, so they recruited me as the brain trust.

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