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January 26 2009

Kids, Life

Today my son Ryan Dean would have been 4 years old.


“To outlive one's children is a curse of the gods.”

– Old Chinese proverb


In life, I know there must be death.  I can accept that.


People expect to lose grandparents and eventually parents to old age or sickness.


When someone old is suffering, we say they had a good life and now need to go to a better place.


When your spouse dies, you are a widow.


When a child of whatever age is left behind when both parents die, you are an orphan.


But there is no word to describe the greatest loss of all: the death of your child.


There is no word to describe when your child dies!  None.


I know I am not alone when it comes to feeling this pain.  It is a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck or hurt any less. 


I am very grateful for my daughter Ria and understand that in some ways it was a trade off.  If my son were still here, I would not have my daughter Ria.  We planned on having more kids, but most likely would not have had another child so close in age.


I think of my son daily and the pain has diminished somewhat, but the rawness is still the same.


Ria looks up at Ryan’s picture and knows that that is baby Ryan, her big brother.  At the age of two and a half, she knows that he is in heaven watching her.  My eyes gush with tears when she asks me, “When are we or Ryan going to visit!”  I try to explain as best as I can that we will not be going to visit him in heaven for a while and when we go to the cemetery where Ryan is sleeping we are whole as a family.  I tell her that Ryan is always watching over us and he is always with us.  She then asks me, “Did you hurt something?” since she doesn’t understand that heartache causes tears just as easy as a booboo.


I will leave you with a poem I wrote about my son Ryan Dean.  Faith brings the only real HOPE.


Fly into the sky


Randy Hollenbeck



Fly, fly high into the sky

Fly so high that I hope to touch you

Fly to see you one last time


Fly, fly for I know nothing

Fly so I can understand why

Fly to be with you


Fly, fly my pain must die

Fly so high that I can float with wings and clouds

Fly to be free


Fly, fly high into heaven

Fly so I know why

Fly to be whole again


Fly, fly for I just gotta know

Fly so high that my tears dry away

Fly to be alive


Fly, fly my love knows no bounds

Fly so I can find a way

Fly to bring you back with me


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