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Cudahy Middle School

Cudahy, school

I take my daughter, Ria, to Cudahy Middle School for swimming lessons (Parent child swim offered by the rec dept) on Saturday mornings.  She has a blast!  I recommend it to any parents.


Events in this blog have happen from January 2008 thru December 2008


I have noticed, on many occasions, the front door is propped open by parents or coaches with the garbage can.  Not only does this practice waste money, taxpayer’s money, by allowing the heat to escape, it makes the locker rooms for the children cold.  I have closed the door many times only to have a parent tell me they will open it back up because the children using the gym get hot and the cool air feels nice.  The parent went on to say that, there are no fans blowing in the gym.  Mind you, this is in the dead of WINTER.  By the way, she was not even from Cudahy, but a visiting parent. 


This also is a problem with fall/spring programs, while the children are using the field adjacent to the school.  During that time, parents prop open the side door so the kids don’t have to walk twenty feet to use the bathroom in the locker rooms.  Again, wasting energy and the cooler air from outside filters into the pool locker rooms.


Now, if that is not bad enough, the door on the boy’s locker room does not shut automatically, so everyone changing feels the blast of cold air.  Now the girl’s locker room has a device to allow it to close, but these same parents stop it from closing.  So the children in the locker room get cold.  Both the girl’s and the boy’s locker rooms doors should automatically shut.  This would save money all the time with heat lost for the pool.  It should also be a privacy issue.  True, there are walls in a mini maze, but this added protection should be in place.


Also, the labels for boys and girls are at the top of the door.  I had a little girl wander in while I was buck-naked (remember the door does not close) and she came in and said, “This isn’t the girls locker room!”  She looked at me and quickly left.  The signs need to be placed at lower eye level, maybe even a sign with the correct symbol and with the appropriate Braille symbol.


I hope someone from the school reads my blog or someone with the authority to fix these issues so these problems can be remedied.


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