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Bird Droppings

Health, Milwaukee

Every year we hear about MMSD (Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District) doing a blended sewerage overflow discharge into Lake Michigan that will close local beaches because of  E coli health concerns.


A friend of mine that once worked for the MMSD came up with a theory that sounds plausible.


Many people have done studies that have shown the bird droppings contain high levels of bacteria (E coli and others).  These bird droppings have caused many beaches to be closed.


From studies, he surmised that what if birds like seagulls where eating sewerage from the holding vats that do not contain covers at the MMSD? 


The vats need to be exposed to the air and finding a breathable cover would cost money and time.  He told me that many of these seagulls would line the roofs of the buildings at the MMSD.


I think it is a workable theory that maybe someone should look into the possibility of it being true and a permanent solution found.

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