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Open letter to Sara Eberhardy

Cudahy, Leadership, Wal-Mart, Sara Eberhardy

Mrs. Eberhardy,


Please do not squander the opportunity to right a wrong.  Stand up and do what is right by the people of Cudahy.  Your own CDA outside attorney told you that there is no restriction that it must be a destination.  Please don???t allow your own bias that something must be a destination to be there push Wal-Mart away.  In this economy not many business are expanding or willing to build for that matter in most cities.  Wal-Mart is still interested in Cudahy.  For we know not when another opportunity like this will come knocking.  It doesn???t look like others are busting down the doors to get in Cudahy.


Pewaukee was just chosen the best affordable suburb for Wisconsin 2009 by and scored No. 1 on the nationwide list.  Pewaukee, they said, has ???award-winning schools, low crime, natural beauty and homes for every budget???.  All of that and they have a Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart didn???t bring the city down one bit.  Did you notice that LOW CRIME with a Wal-Mart in the city?  Wal-Mart doesn???t make the city and it doesn???t wreck one either!  Ask yourself, what is the recipe to making a city prosper and not whittle away and die?  Look at the successful stories and cities.


Wal-Mart is not the destructor of cities, bad leaders, like McCue, are!  Seize this moment and be a true leader not a follower.  Make Wal-Mart pickup the tab not the taxpayers!  You have the power to single handedly fix the lawsuit and get the Wal-Mart in Cudahy which is what more than 80% of Cudahy residents need and want.  You can undo this travesty that Mayor McCue has put us in.  Don???t be stuck on the destination and make Wal-Mart pay.  It is not too late.  What has been done can be undone.


Stand up and do what is right by the people of Cudahy.  If you are serious, about making a run for mayor in 2010 don???t make not allowing Wal-Mart to go through a liability because people will remember that you held up solid economic development in Cudahy and went against the wishes of the people.  Even if you are not, please do right by the people of Cudahy.  Make Wal-Mart pay to cleanup the site, pay for more police officers that Cudahy desperately needs.  Make them pay for city improvements.  Make them build the store to look like a train station.  Be bold and be a leader of what the Cudahy people want and need.  Separate yourself from the pack of McCue elitists' and do what is right by the people of Cudahy.


This single action would make your dream of Mayor come true, if that is what you want.


Make Wal-Mart pay.  Soak them, but get them on the land.  Push them to make the store something special.  Push them to give the city some land.  Push them around.  Bully them and it will make the people happy including the 10% of those that don???t want Wal-Mart here and just want to see them suffer.  But get Wal-Mart on that land.  There is no other site.  Make Wal-Mart build a bigger store.  Force the issue.  Make them accountable!  But for God???s sake, listen to what the people want for a change, not what some committees want or the Mayor doesn't personally want.  This IS what the people of Cudahy want and need.  We need this economic boost.  Cudahy is dieing a slow economic death.  Breathe life back into it.  Have the CDA perform CPR on Cudahy by allowing this Wal-Mart to go forward.  Don???t let something cloud your judgment like McCue has!  Don???t sentence Cudahy to death, revive it!


Do what is right.  Listen to the people.  It is never too late to right a wrong!  Step out of McCue???s shadow and into the light of right.  Wal-Mart has the deep pockets that Cudahy needs.

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