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Disabled Cudahy Firefighter

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I was very saddened to read the story “Disabled and in pain, firefighter says city has abandoned him” for various reasons.


One reason was I was friends with Dennis LeDoux and his twin brother back in middle school where we were classmates.


As a person who went through a microdiscectomy, I can relate to the pain he is going through.  Some doctors wanted to do spinal disc fusions, but after some other opinions, my family and I decided not to have it done.


But most of all, if other city personnel have had their insurance paid for that is just not right to deny Mr. LeDoux.  I am very glad to see that the South Shore NOW is going an open record request (I know that makes a few people’s blood boil) and find out.  And again, very disappointed in Mayor McCue (starting to sound like a broken record) and his non-answer of; Mayor Ryan McCue would not confirm if other employees have received health insurance coverage from the city.


"That benefit is not in the union's contract," he noted.


Dennis LeDoux put his life on the line to save lives and was hurt.  Yes, it sucks to have taxpayers pay especially in the tough economics of today.  That is why each and every tax dollar is special and important and we cannot afford pizza parties, improper use of cell phones, and any other wasteful spending.


It sucks worse to be injured though.


This brings up a slight off topic question –

If people are on vacation and not on city business should they get their full month per diem/stipends that they receive for using personal vehicles for city purposes instead of a city car?  Should it not be ¾ of the amount instead of the whole thing since they could not be on city business if on vacation/approved time off?


And if they are driving around in a city vehicle nearly everywhere that is business related?


Maybe that topic needs to be addressed in a blog.


Here is what another one of our fellow schoolmates said, “McCue is in the story, after all, doing nothing as usual.  I know I'm definitely not pro-union, and am against wasteful spending, but when someone is injured in the line of duty for the citizens of a community, they should get support.  I can only imagine having that kind of pain, all the time, without relief and knowing it could be that way for the rest of your life unless you find a different or new treatment, at 39.  If you look at the money the city is going to lose cleaning up the iceport, fighting (and potentially losing) several lawsuits, wouldn't a fraction of any of that pay his health insurance?  If they don't do anything, you could always set up a fund at a local bank and blog again asking for donations to pay his medical bills, I've seen that done before.


Mr. LeDoux you might want to try the Back2Life (Back Exerciser) as that has helped me and a few of my friends.  Just a suggestion, but check with your Doctor.


Disabled and in pain, firefighter says city has abandoned him.  I would say Mayor McCue has abandoned the city and all of us again!  How much more of Mayor McCue can the City of Cudahy take?


One more thing, Mr. LeDoux, I want to THANK YOU for putting your life on the line for the safety of those in which you served.  THANK YOU for your selflessness.


Jeff Wagner talks about the Cudahy Firefighter

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