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Wal-Mart's One Last Time In Cudahy

Cudahy, Wal-Mart

I heard, but it is not posted on the city’s website yet that Continental Properties/Wal-Mart will be talking to the CDA on Tuesday March 10th at 6:30pm and it will be a closed meeting. 


This is a special meeting.  So people of the CDA we have one last time to make this right!


We need Wal-Mart in Cudahy!  This isn’t jumping at the first company, but it is begging the only one that wants to build in Cudahy during an economic time that some are calling the "New Depression".


So, the correct and only way to vote on Tuesday is YES for Wal-Mart!  YES for progress in Cudahy!  YES to the moneybags that Wal-Mart is!  If you want a stimulus bill ($$$$ Money $$$$) for Cudahy, it is Wal-Mart!


For every day we wait or point fingers or drag our feet, we lose out and we may never be asked again.  We should “Prefer a deal over an ordeal” shouldn’t we?


Do the right thing for a change and let Wal-Mart in.  Watch how much new vitality it will bring and the new shops of life to Cudahy that will come with Wal-Mart as the anchor.


Maybe Sonic will choose Cudahy and not Oak Creek!


Don’t be so hung-up on the destination that we lose this opportunity to just outside our city boarders.  Force the developer to add a water park to the hotel, but get the Wal-Mart in first.  


Jay Weber talking about Cudahy Wal-Mart


March 6: Cudahy may have one last shot at Walmart. In this economy, how is it possible for Cudahy leaders to say no again?

Podcast Here


Reminder:  Ryan McCue did not run on a platform of “NO” Wal-Mart!  Again, here is what he did run on.  Wal-Mart:  I do not think that the City of Cudahy should provide a $12 million tax subsidy to the world’s biggest retailer.  And Cudahy is NOT!


Now if your liberal interpretation brings you to that conclusion that he did, you need help with reading comprehension skills.  Also, just because Ryan McCue won the election of 2007 was not a mandate against Wal-Mart, but more of frustrations of the Iceport!



March. 5, 2009

Wal-Mart reports strong rise in sales - Retailers’ February results not as bad as in prior month

Wal-Mart wants to turn Delafield store into a Supercenter

By Joe Taschler of the Journal Sentinel


Posted: Feb. 26, 2009 4:56 p.m.


Wal-Mart is planning to convert its existing retail store in Delafield into a combined retail/grocery Supercenter.


Plans call for expanding the store to nearly 116,000 square feet from its current 90,000 square feet.


The store at 2863 Heritage Drive is to receive a complete makeover, incorporating the company's strategy of improving existing locations and building environmentally sustainable features into stores, said spokeswoman Lisa Nelson.


The city Plan Commission considered the plans Wednesday night and referred them to the public works committee, which will look at the site's storm water and traffic plans, said Roger Dupler, city planner.


Dupler said there is enough land available on the site to accommodate the expansion.


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