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How to Fix Bradley Tech

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Sorry, to those that are seeing this post again.  I had it posted once, but with all the problems with the blog software and the site, I took it down.


Boys Technology and Trade School (Boys Tech) was founded in 1906 and in 1976 the name changed to Milwaukee Trade & Technical High School (Milwaukee Tech or Tech) to allow girls to attend.


In 2002, Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School opened.  Tech specializes in Construction, Communications, Manufacturing and Design.


It no longer has a pool, which the MPS database for expenses caused some talk on how could the school be charged for pool cleaning if one doesn’t exist?


Tech once was a proud school, which excelled in athletics and education.  What happen to the school?  Well a big part of the problem was that they dropped the entrance exam to attend the school.  The thought process was that since it was a public school you could not disallow students from attending.  Then one by one as a domino effect MPS dismantled the maintain a “C” grade point average, take out the requirement to be in a trade or tech program, close the open lunch and now you are left with just an ordinary MPS High School.


MPS prides itself with “High Standards Start Here,” but that is just an empty slogan.  Look at the headlines for Bradley Tech now.  Guns shots, stabbings, over 200 people in fights, 6 Girls in Fight At Bradley Tech; Crowd Watches Milwaukee Police Officer Punched By 17-Year-Old Girl and so on.  Gone are the good headlines!


I agree with Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan’s statement released February 13, 2009.


Yesterday’s melee at Bradley Tech High School – which included a punch to the face for one of Milwaukee’s fine police officers – is yet another sad example of just how out of control Milwaukee Public Schools have become.


The way Bradley Tech has degenerated is an insult to the tens of thousands of proud graduates of the former Tech, which served as a model school in Milwaukee for decades.

I am proposing that Bradley Tech be closed at the end of this school year so that we can start over.  I propose reopening the school only as a true technical high school, with technical coursework in subjects such as computers, electronics, building/drafting/design, and even carpentry.  Students would be required to take tests to get into the school.

Our businesses and industries are in dire need of workers who could gain valuable skills and know-how at a “new” Bradley Tech.  If nothing else, we owe it to our children and grandchildren to give them a public school that offers solid technical training, a place where they can gain the skills for jobs and careers that will offer a better quality of life.

I believe that is the kind of Bradley Tech we should create, because the current one is a disgrace that is likely causing Jane Pettit to turn over in her grave.


You must be very careful of the lawsuits that will occur once the entrance exams are added back in, but since it is a specialty school, it should have special requirements and special students.


I am proud I attended Milwaukee Tech, but I am embarrassed by what it has become after I left.  Is the entrance exam fair?  Some of my friends that didn’t pass it and were not accepted to attend might tell you NO!  However, without it, all you have is another MPS school, not a shinny gem.


As in incentive, give the students back the open lunch conditionally.  Any fights and the lunch is closed for two weeks.


Adding back in the grade point average requirement along with the trade/tech program requirement will weed out the students that don’t and are not serious about an education. 


Add in that if you are in a fight, you are kicked out.  Find a knife, gun, or other weapon you are kicked out.  MPS likes to water down the schools; it is time to rise up the level at this one.  MPS has plenty of other common schools to play with!  You cannot teach or reach students that don’t want it! 


Ban cell phones and install cell phone jammers at the school during school hours.  Having a cell phone and the use of it is NOT a right!  We didn’t have them when I went to school and I am so tired of the parents that say it is a right to have one for emergencies.  What now they cannot call the school’s office and get a message to the student?  Have we as a society become that lazy and self-centered?


Bradley Tech has two full time MPD officers on site and still is a zoo so adding more of a police presence is not the answer.


Right now Bradley Tech resembles more of a school for troublemakers than a school for those wanting an education.  Tech is not just a family/neighborhood school; it embodies the education of trades and technology.


Let us look at MPS reaction to Ald. Bob Donovan's call for the closing of Bradley Tech High School after a brawl there.  I have highlighted a few items and placed my comments in blue.


"This is a statement from MPS Administration regarding comments made today about the Lynde & Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School.


"The actions of a few students who set aside better judgment and chose to act out on Thursday do not speak for the Bradley Tech student body of 1,390....


"Bradley Tech has 64% fewer suspensions in the first six months of this school year versus the same time period last year.  The school is open for tours for those who'd like to visit; call the office and let the staff know.  (What are the real numbers not %’s)


"MPS continues to provide a structured and safe environment every day for students in all our schools, including Bradley Tech.  The school was created through an intergovernmental agreement between the Milwaukee Public Schools, area business and labor leaders, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


"The Bradley Tech Commission remains active in the operation, curriculum, and the future, of this valuable trade school.”  (It doesn’t sound like they are.  It sounds like MPS is though!)


In his statement earlier today, Donovan decried the brawl and said the school should require tests for students who want to get in.


Thursday's fight drew a crowd of 150 to 200 students.  Police arrested the student accused of punching an officer assigned to the school, at 700 S. 4th St. As of noon, charges hadn't been filed against the student.  (14% of the total students watched)


Officers gave tickets to 16 other students alleging disorderly conduct.


Get MPS’s hand out of the school and restore the policies that worked and everything else will work it self out!


I have received an email from Milwaukee Alderman Donovan on this subject about my post.


Randy - Thanks for your support!  I have heard from many, many grads on this issue and they all feel the same way you do.  Let's hope they wise up and make the necessary changes!




Robert G. Donovan

Alderman, 8th District

City of Milwaukee

Phone: 414-286-3533

Fax: 414-286-3456


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